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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Am back from vacation And a tag

Hi friends, I'm back from my vacation. After staying 3 years in the hot weather of Singapore, it was tough for my kids to adjust in the winter of India. They were sick most of the time and this time even I havn't escaped. Any way, finally we are in Singapore and My twin toddlers are starting their Kindergarten from this January. So, I'm very excited and worried at the same time. No idea how they will adjust at this new change. My fingers are crossed, let's hope for the best.............
During Vacation, few good things happened with my blogbaby. One, two of my blogger friends, Sayantani of A Homemaker's Diary and Vanessa of Sweet Artichoke have tagged me. Two, My recipe of Balti Chicken has been selected on this great event, "30 best recipes of the year", organised by Chacko's Kitchen and co-judged by Alka, Smitha and Thas. I'm feeling so proud and happy to be in this list. I havn't expected at all. This is the best achievement for me of this year. So, thought to share with you all.

Today, I'll answer of Vanessa's tag questions...........
Here are the questions and answers :
1.When you were a kid , what was your answer to the question: ” what do you do when you will grow up?”
In my earlier childhood like I wanted to be a Doctor to save everybody's lives. But later it changed from Doctor to Teacher. I love to teach small kids and I did teach for few years.

2. What were your favorite comics and cartoons?
When kid, I loved to read Aranyadev(Betal), a daily series Comics in a Newpaper. I also loved reading "tintin" a lot. In Cartoon, I like Tom & Jerry or any Disney Cartoons.

3.What were your favorite games?
I used to love playing Badminton and I still love it.

4.What was your best birthday and why?
Don't remember any special birthday, but this year's birthday was very special after long time, as my parents were with me. Mom made all my favorite foods and that was the best part. Mom also used to do this before marriege, but after marriege it was the first time she was with me. I'll remember this birthday for ever.

5.What is it that you would absolutely want to do that you have not already done?

I would love to learn playing Piano one day and I'll definitely fulfill this wish.

6.What was your first favorite sport?
I absolutely love Badminton, tennis and Water ballet.

7.What was your first music idol?
In Indian Music, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle & Lata Mangheskar And in English Music, Whitney Houston & Celine Dion.

8.What is the most beautiful Christmas present (or equivalent) you received?
During my stay in Germany, in my second Christmas, I got a beautiful snow globes and homemade Ginger cookies from my German Teacher. That was the best Christmas Gift I've ever received in my life.

Now, I'm done and I would love to forward this tagging to my 10 lovely blog buddies :

3. Sayantani of A homemaker's Diary
4. Chaitrali of I-m-not-a-chef
5. Suja Sugathan of Kitchen Corner
6. Aipi of US Masala
8. Arundhuti of My Saffron Kitchen
9. Priti of Indian Khana
10. Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons

I hope you'll enjoy doing this tag as much as I did, Friends.............Enjoy your rest of the holidays as much as you can.

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  1. Hope u had a wonderful vacation, nice to know more about u Indrani..

  2. Nice to know about you! Thanks for tagging me..

  3. nice to know abt u ! have a grt year 2011 !!

  4. Hope you had a gud vacation and nice reading your tag...and very sweet of you to tag me..considering the fact that I have disappeared from blogger world :) going it right away..check my blog :)

  5. Hope u had a good vacation and welcome back...

  6. Welcome back Indrani, love your answers, even I wanted to be a doctor when I was a kid. But, when I grew up and came to know that to learn bio science, I will have to dissect frogs and there went my doctor dream ... lol

  7. Welcome back dear...thanks for tagging me....loved to read the answers....Wish Happy new year....

  8. Welcome back Indrani :).My lil one is also starting school this year!

    And,Loved reading about you and i too am a fan of tom and jerry and tin tin :)..

    And wishing you and your family a very happy new year

  9. WElcome back dear...and thanks for tagging was really nice to no more about u......
    Wish u and ur family a very happy New Year

  10. could u please tell me wat exactly needs to be done when someone is tagged? is it like posting on the blog like an award? pls let me know the details....thanks in advance. ( Feel free to delete this comment, you may write to me on

  11. Nice to know more about u, loved reading your answers..thanks for tagging me dear.
    Wish u and family a very happy and prosperous New Year.


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