Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oven Roasted Baby Potatoes in Indian Style

Few weeks back, I tried this sinfully yummy looking Roasted baby potatoes, that too in Indian Style from  Aipi's(who has changed her name as Pooja now) US MASALA. After looking at her mouth watering pics, I immediately bookmarked her recipe and made this as a combo with my Teriyaki chicken. Both the dishes went well together, even though both are very different in taste.

Sep11 127
This recipe she has got from a cookbook and shared with us. The recipe is very simple, you can make them in a jiffy, and all the Indian spices are generally we have at home. So you can try this recipe anytime. I havn't made any changes and followed her recipe totally, so here I'm not giving you the same recipe again, just hop to Pooja's Space.

Original Recipe Source : Here
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  1. Cant take my eyes from ur clicks, irresistible oven roasted baby potatoes..

  2. wow...iam drooling here so tempting....

  3. wow... potatoes look delicious... fabulous pics...

  4. very good recipe . the picture is very attractive.
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  5. Roasted baby potato looks inviting and yummy.
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