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Friday, June 15, 2012

Aam Panna/Green Mango Sarbat

Aam Panna or Mango juice is a very popular summer drink renowned for its heat resistant properties. It is made from green mango and also uses sugar, black salt and roasted cumin seed powder. Apart from being delicious and refreshing, aam panna has several health benefits. 

In some variations, fresh mint leaves are also used as mint leaves are also believed to have several beneficial properties to cope the summer, like it soothes the digestive tract, eliminates toxins from body and a very good cleanser for the blood.


Beat the Heat – It prevents you from heat stroke, gives you an additional edge to fight the summer heat. This is perhaps due to the fact that it prevents our body from secreting excess salt and iron during sweating.
Fight De-hydration – Staying hydrated, especially in the summers is very important and to do that one does need to drink a lot of water. Aam panna is very easy to make, contains a lot of water and good to taste.
Vitamin C – It is rich in vitamin C thus adding nutritional value with the other benefits, making this drink even more important. This feature also helps in boosting our immune system.
Helps in Preventing Diarrhoea – The summer diarrhoea is a cause for worry for many, however this drink can help with that. Keeping dehydrated, keeping salt and iron in the body, it all helps in preventing diarrhoea.
Indigestion and Constipation – It helps in preventing a lot of such diseases and they are all connected with each other.
Improves digestion – Another problem that grows in the summer but aam panna can fight the acids and keep your stomach cool.

So I am preparing my aam panna with green mango and mint leaves to get the goodness of both. you can make it in a large quantity and store for 3-4 days in refrigerator. This is how I am coping the excessive heat in this summer.

Ingredients :
Green Mangoes(big) : 3-4
Mint leaves : 10-12
Coriander leaves : a small bunch
Roasted cumin seed powder : 1 tblsp.
Salt : 1 tsp.
Sugar : 1-2 tblsp or to taste
Black salt : 1 tsp.

Method :

  • In a pressure cooker, add all 4 mangoes with skin on and add little water. Wait until one whistle. Take out and let it cool. 
  • Meantime, in a wet blender, blend together mint and coriander leaves with little water. Make a fine paste. 
  • Now, take a strainer, place it over a bowl, peel off the mangoes, seperate the seed and carefully take out the mango pulp. Take a big spoon and with the back of the spoon, mash the pulp on the strainer. Similarly strain the mint and coriander paste. 
  • Now add water into the bowl where you collected the mango pulp and mint-coriander paste. add all the other ingredients to taste. Mix well and serve with some ice cubes on it.

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  1. Wat a super catchy and excellent drink.

  2. A super refreshing drink Indrani.. love the colour and thanks for the benefits you have counted for this

  3. Supercool refreshing drink...

  4. Yummy mango.. I love raw mango juice as much as ripe mangoes. Soo delicious and refreshing.. For ripe mango I love KDD Harvest’s mango juice as it tastes exactly like fruit. I’ll definitely try making this juice before the mango season passes by. Thanks for sharing


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