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Thursday, April 15, 2010

New year wish to all my bengali, sikh and tamil friends and a remainder

Today is the first day of the Bengali New Year(new-naba, year-barsha), and the first day is known by Poila Baisakh (Poila-first in Bengali, Baisakh-first month of Bengali calender). A hearty new year wish (SHUBHO NABABARSHA) to my all Bengali blogger friends, readers and followers....................
See my post from last year on Bengali New year, how we celebrate this special day.

And to my Punjabi blogger friends, followers and readers HAPPY BAISAKHI

And to Tamil blogger friends, followers and readers HAPPY NEW YEAR / HAPPY VISHU

A remainder : Friends, please send me your entries for my event, SPOTLIGHT: Summer food & Drinks, to, not that email addr. mentioned in the announcement...Whoever sent me already their entries to, please send me again to, as that mail addrs. has been hacked few days back and I can't access that email anymore. Thank you for your co-operation.

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  1. Shubho Nababarsho Indrani kintu e ki kando???eto bhishon bibhishika'r byapar. blogspot ke inform kore dakho jodi kichu hay. ki bichhiri byapar boloto.


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