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Friday, June 11, 2010

Side dish(Curries/Gravies) - Bengali & Other regional Indian Cuisine

Recipes found in this list, some are from my other blog "Appyayan" and some are from "Recipe Junction"...if you need any clarification, or you have some suggestions/tips , please write me at

Bengali cuisine - Vegetarian :

1. Aloo potoler Tarkari (Potato-parwal/pointed gourd Curry)

2. Sajne data O aloo posto (Drumstick & potato in poppy seed paste)

3. Aloo Phulkopir Dom/Masala Gobi(Spicy Cauliflower)

4. Palong shak-er tarkari (spinach with mix-vegetable) & Mulo chechki (Radish curry)

5. Badhakopir Tak Dom (Cabbage in sour tomato gravy)

6. Badhakopir Dalna (Dry cabbage curry)

7. Dhokar Dalna (Lentil cakes in a light spicy gravy)

8. Pui saager Dalna (Climbing spinach curry)

9. Note shak bhaja begun diye (Stir-fry Amaranth with eggplant)

10. Halim shak bhaja (stir-fry watercress) & Mulo shak bhaja (Radish green fry)

11. Narkel sarshe Patol (Pointed gourd in coconut-mustard sauce)

13. Labra (Bengali mix-vegetable)
15. Panchmisali Tarkari (A Bengali Mix-vegetable Delight)

16. Sorshe Begun (Baby brinjals in mustard & Yoghurt gravy)

20. Patol Posto(Parwal/pointed gourd in poppy seed paste)
21. Lau Ghanto ( Dry bottle gourd curry) & Lau-er Khosa charchari (A medley of pumpkin & bottle gourd peel)

22. Sorshe Sim (Flat beans in mustard seed paste)

23. Peper Dalna (Raw/green papaya Curry)

24. Lau Kasha / masaledar lauki (Bottle guard in a spicy gravy

25. Palong Shak-er Dalna (Bengali Spinach, potato & peas medley)


Others - Vegetarian :

1. Rainbow Mix-vegetable(dry mix-vegetable curry)

3. Paneer Makhani/Paneer Butter Masala (Indian Cottage cheese in spicy gravy - Punjabi cuisine)

4. Soy Muttor (Soy nuggets with green peas)

9. Kadhai Paneer(Indian cottage cheese with capsicum/bell pepper)

10. Pindi Chana(dry chick pea gravy - punjabi cuisine)

11. Kasoori Gobi (dry cauliflower curry with dry fenugreek leaves)

16. Mughlai Potato (Dry potato in mughlai style)

17. Jeera Aloo (Sanjeev Kapoor Recipe) 

18. Eggplant & bell pepper curry (Brinjal & capsicum curry

19. Nargisi Kofta Curry ( vegetables koftas in a spicy gravy)

20. Paneer Dhaniya (Indian Cottage cheese cooked with fresh coriander leaves and yoghurt)
21. Dahi Bhindi (Okra in Yoghurt

22. Gujrati Potato, Broccoli n Brinjal curry
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