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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recipe Index

Recipe Index

Special Events/Festivals of India & festive recipes:
1. Durga Puja is on our Doorstep - know in details about the rituals of Bengali Durga Puja
2. Pujor Diner Khabar (Festive food of Durga Puja)- part 1 Click on the number
3. Pujor Diner Khabar (Festive food of Durga Puja)- part 2
Click on the number
4. India's Independence day & Tri-color chinese vegetable stir-fry
5. Deepavali(diwali), Bhai Phota(bhai Duj) & A sweet treat
6. Bengali new Year and Pomfret fish curry
7. Makar Sankranti - Patishapta Pitha(coconut stuffed pancake) and Gurer payesh(Rice Kheer with palm jaggery)
8. Appyayan Turned One- Birthday celebration with Microwave ginger-carrot cake
9. Visitor's Tip - How to make chapatis that stay soft for long time
10. Saraswati/Basanti Puja and Bhapa Ilish or Steamed Hilsa

11. Rituals of Saptami Durga puja and Doi maach(fish cooked with yoghurt)
12. Rituals and customs of all 4 Durga puja days and Kalakand, A beloved Bengali Sweet
13. Combo festive recipe: Tricolor Pulao and Potatoes with roasted poppy seed
Special Posts :
1. Tried & tasted home remedies for cold & cough for kids'
2. The Chemistry of Food -part 1
3. The Chemistry of Food -part 2


Round-ups of  Spotlight(In-house event) & other events hosted by me

*** A Bengali Thali (A full-coarse Bengali Menu) 

Microwave Recipes :

Cake/cookies/soup/sweet: (completely cooked in microwave)

1. Microwave Tomato Soup
2. Mushroom Noodle Soup
3. Kaju Or Cashewnut Peda(Indian sweet with cashewnut
4. Eggless Marble Cake 
5. Kesari Suji Halwa
6. 3 minute Chocolate Fudge and Oat-chocolate fudge
7. Mango-Pistachio Peda 
8. Mango Halwa
9. Gajar ka halwa(Carrot Pudding) in microwave 
10. Pistachio Peda

Rice/curries : (completely cooked in microwave)
1. Aloo Matar Paneer (Indian cottage cheese with potato & green peas)
2.  Rainbow Pulao (Pulao made with three different color combo
3.  Lemon Rice and Aloo Gobhi Matar (potato-cauliflower curry
4.  Vegetable Rawa Upma 
5.  Dhania-nariyel Machchi (coconut-coriander Fish curry
6.  Flavourful Vegetable Pulao 
7.  Popular Mumbai Street food- Pav Bhaji
8.  Chicken Jalfrezy
9. Keema Palak (minced Chicken with Spinach) in microwave

Appetizer/Snack :

1. Ghugni (dry yellow/white/green peas curry-Bengali cuisine)
2. Crispy Moong dal masala Dosa (Think Indian pancake made of Moong dal) & Moong Dal vada(Moong dal fritters)
3. Kidney Beans & Potato Fry - Chinese Cuisine
4. Khaman Dhokla - Gujrati cuisine
5. Beguni(Brinjal Fritters/pakora - Bengali cuisine)
6. Masala Peanuts (Spice crusted crunchy munchy peanuts)
7. Chola Bhaja(Stir fried black chickpeas/kala chana)

8. Dalia(broken wheat) Upma
9. Stir-fried Masala Idlis 
10. Baked Nimki/namakpara/diamond cuts
11. Stuffed Bread Pakora 
12. Chivda/Chire/Rice Flakes Mixture 
13. Aloo Tikki Burger - kids' friendly
14. Spice-coated Panner Butter Pepper Fry ~ An easy appetizer
15. Baked Samosa ~ A famous street food of bengal  
16. Masala Idli & south Indian style Potato curry 
17. Baked Chicken Kabab
18. Murg Malai Kabab/Chicken Malai Tikka 
19. Bengali Macher Chop(baked) (Baked Fish Croquette)
20. Kumro Phul-er bora(pumpkin flower fritter)
21. Hariyali Chicken Tikka 

22. Narkel Postor Bora (Poppy Seed Fritters with Coconut)
23. Sattu n Mix-Vegetable Kabab made in Air-fryer
24. Chicken 65
25. Chicken & Veg Momo with SPicy Chilli-Garlic chutney
26. Chicken Tikka Made in Air-Fryer 
27. Shaplar Bhyala(A fritter made with water lily stem)
28. Macher Kachori

Breakfast recipes :

1. Chirer Pulao(Poha/flaked rice pulao-Bengali cuisine)
2. Semiya Upma (Upma made with vermicelli)
3. Crispy Moong dal masala Dosa (Think Indian pancake made of Moong dal)
4. Bread Utthapam (Spicy Yummy bread snack)
5. Dalia (broken wheat/bulgar wheat) Upma
6. Crispy Masala Dosa (Rice crepe with spicy potato filling)
7. Luchi & Pyajkoli-aloo Dum(Dum aloo with spring Onion) 
8. Tri-color Utthapam
9. Vegetable Burger  
10. Vegetable Rawa Upma(stove-top version)
11. Paneer Bhurji wrap ~ Scrambled paneer wrap 
12. Poha or Rice flakes Upma 
13. Stir-fried Paneer & mix-vegetable Wrap 
14. Aloo Tikki Burger- kids' friendly
15. Masala Idli & south Indian style Potato curry 
16. Mango and Banana pancakes for kids 
17. Masala Puri and Runny Potato Curry, Kolkata Food joint style 
18. South Indian Flavoured Vegetable Poha/Chirer Pulao  
19. Oats Upma 
20. Grilled Veg Masala Sandwich
21. Dahi or Yoghurt Sandwich 

 Beverages/Drinks :

1. Watermelon-strawberry lassi(Yoghurt drink with watermelon & strawberry)
2. Sweet & Sour lassi (Indian yoghurt drink)
3. Watermelonade (watermelon & lemonade drink)
4. Orange flavoured lassi and health benefits of Yogurt
5. Honey Prune Juice Smoothie 
6. Strawberry Milkshake
7. Kiwi Cooler
8. Thandai ( Milk & Almond Drink-Holi recipe)  
9. Oat, Nut & Mango Smoothie
10. Jal Jeera ~ A Healthy drink of Summer
11. Mango-Litchi/lychee Slush 
12. Watermelon and Honeydew Smoothie
13. Lauki/Bottle Gourd Juice, cools your body from inside  
14. Mango Lemonade  
15. Mango-Watermelon Popsicle 
16. Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler 
17. Bael -er Sarbat (Wood Apple juice)   
18. Salted Cucumber Lassi 

Baked Goodies(Cake/cookies/Tart) :

1. Cherry-Almond Tart with cheese Filling
2. Nutty Oatmeal-dates Cookies 
3. Coconut Lemon Loaf with Nut topping
4. Orange Muffin & Loaf 
5. Chocolate - Ginger Bundt Cake
6. Kid's favorite Veg Pizza with readymade pizza bases 
7. Chocolate Flavoured Apple Banana breakfast Loaf

8. Nutella Cupcakes
9. Baked Caramel Custard
10. Dry Fruits & Nuts cake
11. Honey Ginger Cookies 
12. Baked Nimki/Namkeen/Diamond cuts 
13. Red Velvet cupcake for Valentine's day 
14. Oats-Almond Cookies 
15. Zebra Cake  
19. Eggless n Butterless Lemon Sponge Cake
20. Paneer & Mix-vegetable Quiche
22. Nolen Gur(palm jaggery) & Khoya/Mawa Cupcake with pistachio flavour
23. Strawberry Yoghurt Cake with Strawberry Jelly Topping
24. Cashew Shortbread Cookies
25. Eggless Banana Oat Coconut Cupcake  
26. Heart shaped Strawberry cookies and Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies 
27. Choco-Vanilla Marble cupcakes
28. Basic Dinner Rolls with sugar-honey glaze (with homemade fresh yeast) 
29. Cake lollipops or cake pops
30. Moist & Fluffy eggless and butterless Chocolate cake 
31. The Ultimate chocolate Cake  

32. Lemon-Buttermilk Pound Cake
33. Quick and easy Pear Streusel cake
34. Jeera Biscuits - Cumin flavoured savoury Cookies(butterless)
35. Simple Buns/Pav Buns 
36. Choco Molten Lava Cake 
37. Eggless Semolina Cake  
38. Veg and Non-Veg Pizza from scratch   
39. Basic Sandwich Bread 
40. Hidden Heart Chocolate Cake 
41. Vegetable Stuffed Buns
42. Nepolitain Cookies - Sandwich cookies with Strawberry jam & Nutella
43. Colorful Italian Focaccia Bread
44. Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies
45. Eggless & Butterless Christmas Fruit Cake 
46. Mango Upside Down Cake 
47. Chocolate Banana Dates Walnut Loaf 
48. Eggless Mango Semolina Cake
49. Fruit & Nut Cupcake   
50. Lekach ~ Spiced Honey Ring Cake  
51. Nutella Choco Brownies with Fresh Strawberry 
52. Baked Apple & Cottage Cheese Pie
53. Basbousa ~ A Middle Eastern Sweet Semolina cake(baked)  
54. No-bake mango Cheesecake (using Cottage cheese/paneer, condensed milk and gelatin)
55. Soft and spongy Coconut Cake
56. Vanilla pound Cake 
57. Dundee Cake ~ The Scottish Fruit Cake
58. Cranberry Pinwheel Cookies 
59. Orange n Chocolate Marble cake  
60. The Classic Ginger Cake 
61. Ginger carrot Cake

62. Baked Chocolate Cheesecake 
63. Whole-Wheat Ajwain/jeera Cookies 
64. Savoury Semolina Cake 
65. Baked Strawberry Cheesecake for Valentines' Day
66. Choco Peanut Butter Almond Cookies 
67. Fruit & Nut Cookies 
68. Whole Wheat Vegan Banana Bread
69. Eggless Coconut Cake 
70. Eggless Semolina Cake  
71. Rainbow Zebra Cake 
72. Coconut and Almond Macaroon 
73. One Pot Nutty Choco Brownies
74. Lemon Madeira Cake
75. Eggless Oats Chocochip Muffin

Cool Comforts : 
1. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
2. Mango Ice-Cream with pistachio flavour
3. Chocolate Yoghurt 
4. Chilled Mnago Pudding 

Beans & Lentils (Bengali & Other regional Indian cuisine)

Bengali Cuisine :

1. Tetor Dal(Lentil cooked with bitter gourd)
2. Tomato Dal (Red lentil cooked with tomatoes
3. Cholar Dal begun diye (chana dal with eggplant)
4. Kalai-er dal (Split white Urad dal) in 2 style
5. Dal Chenchki(Red lentil with pearl onions/baby onions)
6. Ghugni (dry yellow/white/green peas curry)
7. Bengali Tak Dal/kacha aamer dal(Lentil with green mango
8. Dhokar Dalna (Lentil cakes in a light spicy gravy)

9. Narkel Diye Cholar Dal (Bengali Style Chana Dal with Coconut
10. Tak-Misti Cholar Dal (sweet n Sour Chana Dal, bengali style)

Other :

2. Green Moong Tadka dal and a mix-veggie stir fry
3. Subzi dal(lentil with vegetable)
4. Punjabi Kala Chana Masala - Chola/sukha chana/black chick pea gravy

5. Balti Dhal with Spring Onion and Tomato
6. Creamy Dal Palak with a twist(creamy lentil soup with fresh spinach leaves)
7. Dalma ~ A super healthy Oriya lentil dish
8. Dal Makhani/Maa ki Dal/Kali Dal(Punjabi Cuisine) 
9. Spicy Masoor dal(red lentil) 
10. Punjabi Chole/Chana Masala(punjabi cuisine)
11. Punjabi Kala Chana Masala or Black chickpeas gravy
12. Dhaba Style dal fry and Dum aloo with spring Onion  

Side dish(Curries/Gravies) - Bengali & Other regional Indian Cuisine

Bengali cuisine - Vegetarian :

1. Aloo potoler Tarkari (Potato-parwal/pointed gourd Curry)
2. Sajne data O aloo posto (Drumstick & potato in poppy seed paste)
3. Phulkopir-Aloo Dom/Masala Gobi(Spicy Cauliflower)
4. Palong shak-er tarkari (spinach with mix-vegetable)
5. Badhakopir Tak Dom (Cabbage in sour tomato gravy)
6. Badhakopir Dalna (Dry cabbage curry)
7. Dhokar Dalna (Lentil cakes in a light spicy gravy)
8. Pui saager Dalna (Climbing spinach curry)
9. Note shak bhaja begun diye (Stir-fry Amaranth with eggplant)
10. Halim shak bhaja (stir-fry watercress) & Mulo shak bhaja (Radish green fry)
11. Narkel sarshe Patol (Pointed gourd in coconut-mustard sauce)
12. Two yummy bengali fry(bhaja) recipes
13. Labra (Bengali mix-vegetable)
14. Aloo-pyaj Posto (Onion-Potato in poppy seed paste)
15. Panchmisali Tarkari (A Bengali Mix-vegetable Delight)
16. Sorshe Begun (Baby brinjals in mustard & Yoghurt gravy)
17. Bhindi Posto (okra with poppy seed paste) & Jhinge-Aloo Posto (Potato-Ridge gourd in poppy seed paste)
18. Kumror Choka/chakka - A Pumpkin delight
19. Bengali Winter Vegetable Medley/Charchari
20. Patol Posto(Parwal/pointed gourd cooked in poppy seed paste)
21. Lau Ghanto ( Dry bottle gourd curry) & Lau-er Khosa charchari (A medley of pumpkin & bottle gourd peel)
22. Sorshe Sim (Flat beans in mustard seed paste)

23. Lau Kasha (Masaledar Lau/bottle gourd in spicy gravy)
24. Palong Shak-er Dalna(Bengali Spinach, potato & Peas medley)
25. Peper Ghanto (Raw papaya Curry)
26. Masala Aloo-Begun(Aloo-beaingan in Bengali style)
27. Dudh-Lau(Bottle Gourd cooked with milk) and Lau-er Tarkari (vegetable medley with bottle gourd)
28. Kanchkalar Kofta Curry( Kofta made with green banana, in a curry)
29. Pyajkoli-aloo Dum (Dum aloo with spring Onion)
29. Shukto (A unique bitter preperation from Bengal)
30. Lau Shukto (A bitter preperation with bottle gourd and bitter gourd
31. Spinach and Green peas Stir-fry
32. Broccoli & spinach  stir-fry with panch phoron
33. Potoler Dorma (Stuffed parwal/pointed Gourd in onion-tomato gravy)
34. Ghugni (dry yellow/white/green peas curry)
35. Sorshe Begun (eggplant/brinjal in yogurt & mustard seed gravy)
36. Niramish Aloo-begun-capsicum Tarkari
37. Chichingey Chenchki (Snake Gourd dry curry with grated coconut)  
38. Daler Bara'r jhol (Bengali lentil vada curry
39. Mishti Kumro R Aloor Dom(sweet Pumpkin & Potato dry curry
40. Patoler Narkel Charchari(Stir fried parwal/pointed gourd with mustard & coconut paste)
41. Chingri mach diye Phulkopir dalna(potato-cauliflower curry with prawns
42. Doi Sorshe Phulkopi (cauliflower with yoghurt/dahi & mustard gravy
43. Phulkopi-Aloo Charchari
44. Mochar Ghanto ~ A bengali delicacy of Banana Blossom
45. Lau-er Khosha Charchari(bottle gourd peel dry dish
46. Niramish kanchkalar kofta curry(green banana kofta curry, no onion-garlic
47. Doi Begun(Brinjal slices dipped in seasoned yogurt)
48. Bengali style Niramish Aloo'r Dom  
49. Lau Moong(Bottle gourd cooked with yellow lentil/split green gram dal)  
50. Shalgam Chenchki (a dry dish of shalgam/kohlrabi in bengali style) - A winter delicacy of Bengal
51.  Shukto (mom's recipe, ghati style)
52. Chichingey or Snake Gourd Posto with potato and onion 
53. Niramish Echor O Matar Daler Kofta Curry (Jackfruit and yellow dal kofta curry)
54. Two Bengali Shapla(Water Lily stem) Delicacy : Shapla'r Ghonto & Shapla'r Bhyala(a fritter) 
55. Patol Kasha (Fried pointed gourds coated with rich n thick gravy)

Others - Vegetarian :

1. Vegetable Kofta curry
2. Okra/Bhindi in roasted sesame and poppy seed sauce
3. Beet-carrot fry
4. Baingal Bharta with bell pepper(capsicum)
5. Kadhai Paneer(Indian cottage cheese with capsicum/bell pepper)
6. Punjabi Chole/Chana Masala(punjabi cuisine)
7. Kasoori Gobi (dry cauliflower curry with dry fenugreek leaves)
8. Stuffed Bell Pepper/Capsicum in peanut-sesame sauce
9. Broccoli-Brinjal Fry
10. Dum Aloo (North Indian Style)
11. Bhindi Do-pyaza (Stir-fried Okra with Onions)
12. Mughlai Potato (Dry potato in mughlai style)
13. Paneer Dhaniya (Indian Cottage cheese cooked with fresh coriander leaves and Yoghurt)
14. Nargisi(malai) Kofta Curry(Vegetable kofta in a spicy gravy)
15. Eggplant and bell pepper curry (Brinjal & Capsicum curry)
16. Dahi Bhindi (Okra in Yoghurt
17. Gujrati Potato, Broccoli n Brinjal Curry(Gujrati Cuisine
18. Restaurant Style Paneer Butter Masala 
19. Balti Potatoes with Aubergine/Brinjal 
20. Potatoes with roasted poppy seed 
21. Paneer-Mushroom Masala 
22. Kadai Chole (Chick-peas cooked in a unique spice mix
23. Classic Aloo-gobhi Masala (Potato-cauliflower dry curry)
24. Mushroom Capsicum Masala 
25. Soya Chilli (Chinese Cuisine
26. Oven Roasted baby potatoes in Indian Style 
27. Soya Malai Kofta Curry(completely Vegan
28. Balti Potatoes with bell pepper & corn 
29. Palak Paneer(Indian cottage cheese in flavourful spinach gravy
30. Chilli Tofu(Indo-chinese cuisine
31. Beet & Carrot Thoran(South Indian Cuisine
32. Paneer & Mix vegetable Jalfraizy 
33. Malai Kofta Curry 
34. Potato-Capsicum curry  
35. Soya Matar Pasanda 
36. Soya Keema Matar 
37. Popular Mumbai Street food- Pav Bhaji (microwave version)
38. Shahi Paneer 
39. Winter Vegetable and paneer with South Indian Tempering 
40. No onion-no garlic Potato-brinjal-capsicum Curry 
41. Paneer Butter Masala (Restaurant Style) 
42. Potato Karakari- South Indian Potato dish
43. Achari Baingan(brinjal/eggplant in pickling sauce)
44. Paneer Pav-Bhaji(famous mumbai street food with paneer
45. Stir fried Paneer & mix-vegetable wrap 
46. Stir-fried Potato n brinjal 
47. Stir-fried Broccoli & Chicken with Mix-Vegetable on the bed of noodles(Chinese Cuisine)
48. Cabbage and Carrot Thoran (Kerala Cuisine
49. Achari Gobi-Shimla Mirch(Cauliflower and capsicum in pickled sauce)
50. Dahi Mattar Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese and peas in yoghurt gravy
51. South Indian style Potato curry 
52. Dhingri Dolma- Mushroom Paneer Masala, An Awadhi delicacy  
53. Schezwan Paneer with homemade Schezwan Sauce

54. Dhaba Style Handi Paneer ~ A Punjabi Delight
55. Mushroom & Bell pepper/capsicum Roast  
56. Chinese Style Sweet n Sour Vegetable  
57. Soya Nuggets/chunks in Goanese Gravy(Goan Cuisine)  
58. Kadai Mushroom  
59. Tandoori Paneer Tikka Masala 
60. Dhaba Style dal fry and Dum aloo with spring Onion  
61. Chatpata Soyanuggets and potato curry 
62. Paneer Kalimirch(Paneer cooked in black pepper sauce)
63. Tangy Paneer and sweet corn salad 
64. Kadai Mushroom 
65. Mix-veggie Stir Fry 
66. Paneer Do Pyaza
67. Palak Paneer 
68. Paneer Kaju Pasanda  
69. Adraki aloo-gobhi (Potato n Cauliflower in ginger flavour
70. Chilli Paneer 
71. Matar Paneer (Paneer cooked with Fresh green peas)
72. Hare Chutney wale Aloo (potatoes cooked with green chutney)  
73. Aloo-tamatar Ki Sabji (Runny potato n tomato curry)

Side dish - Non-vegetarian :

Chicken :

1. Jhatpat Murgi (Easy breezy chicken curry - Bengali cuisine)
2. Chatpata chicken (chicken in a spicy tangy sauce)
3. Chicken Shahi Korma
4. Balti Chicken (chicken cooked in Balti style- a Pakistani recipe)
5. Butter Chicken or Murgh makhani, Restaurant Style
6. Stir Fry Chicken Teriyaki (Japanese Cuisine
7. Murgh Mussallam~A awadhi Delicacy
8. Tandoori Chicken 
9. Chicken Jal Fraizy (A beloved Chicken dish of Kolkata - Originates in Bengal)
10. Chicken Chaap ~ A chicken speciality of Bengal
11. Chilli Chicken 
12. Chicken Rezala ~ Bengal's Favorite
13. Dak Bunglow Chicken Curry and Dak Bunglow Chicken fry  
14. Chicken Keema Matar  
15. Punjabi Chicken Curry 
16. Country Captain Chicken - A British Era bengali dish  
17. Chicken Xacuti ( A Goan Delicacy) with Goan Coconut rice
18. Chettinad Black Pepper Chicken ( A Chettinad prepration)
19. Murg Malai Kabab/Chicken Malai Tikka 
20. Doi O Kanchalanka Murgi(Chicken cooked with curd and green chilli) 
21. Murgir Posto Malaikari (Chicken cooked with coconut milk and poppy seed)

22. Chicken Tikka Masala ~ Punjabi delight 
23. Hariyali Chicken Tikka
24. Dhonepata Chicken (chicken cooked with fresh coriander leaves paste) 
25. Asian Sweet n Sour Chicken 
26.  Baked Chicken Breast in creamy Parmesan Sauce 
27. Stir-fried Chicken n Vegetables with toasted Sesame Seeds ~ Asian Cuisine
28. Capsicum Chicken
29. Bengali Style Chicken Ghee Roast

Mutton : 

1. Mutton Vindaloo(spicy Mutton stew) in Parsian Style
2. Pathar Mangshor jhol (Bengali Mutton Curry
3. Kasha Mangsho(Slow-cooked mutton in Bengali way
4. Mutton Korma (A juicy & spicy Goat meat curry
5. Mughlai Mutton Curry

Fish : (Bengali cuisine)

1. Kochu chingri (Shrimp with arbi/taro root)
2. Lau chingri (Shrimp with bottle/white gourd)
3. Tilapia Macher Jhal (Fish in mustard seed gravy)
4. Macher Dimer kalia(Curry with fish roe)
5. Sorshe Ilish(Hilsa fish in mustard gravy)
6. Tarkari diye Macher Jhol  (Bengali fish curry with mixed vegetables)
7. Doi Maach (Rohu fish cooked with yogurt)
8. Posto Rui  (Rohu fish with poppy seed paste
9. Macher Keema(Minced fish cooked with potato)
10. Chingri macher Kalia(Shrimp Kalia
11. Chingri Macher Malaikari  (prawn cooked in coconut milk)
12. Kumro Patay Chingri Mach Bhape - Prawns steamed inside Pumpkin Leaves
13. Ol-Chingrir Dalna (Shrimp & elenphant foot yam Curry)
14. Dhania-nariyel Machchi in Microwave(coconut-coriander Fish curry)
15. Narkel dudh diye Sorshe Ilish (Hilsa cooked in mustard seed & coconut milk gravy
16. Prawn Dumpukht
17. Phulkopir-chingrir dalna(potato-cauliflower curry with prawns)
18. Tomato Maach (fish cooked in tomato gravy
19. Malabar Spinach (Pui Saag with Hilsa fish head
20.  Loitta macher Jhol(Bomaby Duck curry) O Loitta macher Jhuri bhaja(Dry Bombay Duck)
21. Chingri Macher Dum/Dum Chingri(Tiger Prawns cooked in Dum Style
22. Rui macher nawabi kalia
23. Tangra Macher Tel Jhal 
24. Machcha Besara ~ An Oriya Fish Delicacy
25. Dum Chingri(Tiger Prawns cooked in dum style)
26. Pabda Macher Sorshe Jhal (Pabo catfish in mustard gravy)
27. Bhapa Rui or Steamed Rohu  
28. Mourola Macher Sukno Jhal (a dry preperation of small fish)
29. Dhonepata Sorshe Ilish (Hilsa fish cooked with fresh coriander leaves and mustard paste)  
30. Chingri Diya Chalkumro Ghonto (Ash gourd cooked with medium prawns
31. Bata macher Posto Jhal (Small Labeo bata Fish cooked with Poppy seed paste)
32. Chingri macher bati Charchari ~ an exotic Bengali Delicacy
33. Aam kasundi Ilish (Hilsa in Mango flavoured mustard sauce)

Egg :

1. Dimer Dalna (Bengali egg curry)

2. Dimer Kalia (Bengali egg curry with thick gravy)


1. Bengali sweet pulao
2. Bengali Khichudi 

3. Nabaratna Shahi Khichdi
4. Mexican Kidney Beans Rice (Mexican Cuisine)

5. Malacca Fried Rice(Malaysian cuisine)
6. Peas Pulao with Curry leaves
7. Tricolor Pulao with paneer/Indian cottage cheese(Microwave Version)
8. Asian Style Fried Rice with Brown Rice
9. Restaurant Style Chicken Biriyani 
10. Tomato Rice - South Indian Style 
11. Soya Chilli Rice (Chinese Cuisine)
12. Shiitake Mushroom Fried Rice(Chinese Cuisine
13. Flavourful Vegetable Pulao in Microwave 
14. Laksa Fried Rice ~ A Singaporean Delicacy
15. Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani 
16. Goan Coconut Rice  
17. Kolkata style Chicken Biriyani 
18. Coriander Rice/Dhonepata Rice 
19. Tawa Pulao - a popular street food of Mumbai
20. Potato N Cauliflower Tahiri
21. Bangladeshi Kachhi Biryani 

Indian Bread (chapati/Paratha)
1. Beetroot Chapati

2. Radhaballavi/dal puri (Deep-fried bread stuffed with lentil-Bengali cuisine)
3. Karaishutir Kachori(deep fried bread stuffed with fresh green peas-Bengali cuisine)

4. Atta, Oats & spring onion Paratha (Indian fried flatbread made with wheat flour, oats & spring onion)
5. Luchi 
6. Paneer Paratha(Indian flatbread stuffed with cottage cheese
7. Methi Onion Garlic Paratha
8. Mishti Aloor Paratha(Stuffed sweet potato paratha
9. Masala Puri & Runny Potato Curry, Kolkata Food Joint style
10. Bengli Tinkona parota/paratha 
11. Chicken Kotthu parotta/Paratha ~ A popular streetfood of Tamilnadu 
12. Chana Dal Paratha 


 Chutney :

1. Tomato O kacha aamer chutney(tomato & green mango chutney)
2. Anarasher Chutney (Sweet & Sour Pineapple chutney)
4. Green Mango Chutney (kacha aamer chutney)
5. Chaltar Ambol (Sweet & Sour elephant apple chutney)

Sweets/Dessert(Bengali & Other regional Indian cuisine)

Bengali Cuisine :

1. Patishapta Pitha(Thin rice pancake stuffed with coconut filling)
2. Gurer Payesh (Rice kheer with palm jaggery)
3. Rasmalai (Rasgulla in thick milk sauce)
4. Narkel Naru (coconut laddoo)
5. Misti Doi (sweet yoghurt)
6. Aam Kheer (Mango in thickened milk)
7. Malpoa
8. Tutti Frutti Sandesh (Sweetened Indian Cottage Cheese balls)
9. Phirni (Thickened rice-nut pudding)
10. Kalakand (sweet made with Indian cottage cheese)
11. Doodh Puli Pithe 
12. Semiya Kheer Gur diye(vermicelli kheer with palm jaggery
13. Gokul Pithe 
14. Aam Doi (Baked Mango yoghurt
15. Narkel Totki/Coconut Sandesh
16. Tal'er Bara(Sweetened fritters of Asian palm)
17. Baked Rasgulla ~ A Fusion Dessert from Bengal 

18. Kheer-er Malpoa 
19. Mung Daler Puli Pithe  
20. Suji/Semolina Pudding with date palm jaggery(Nolen Gur diye sujir payesh)  
21. Nolen Gurer Patishapta 
22. Tel Pithe - A pithe variety from Bangladesh
23. Double layered Coconut & khowa Burfi 

Others :

1. Carrot Burfi (Gajorer Burfi)
2. Almond Kulfi(Badam Burfi)
3. Mango Kulfi(low fat)
4. Rawa/Semolina laddoo
5. Baked Caramel Custard
6. Stewed Pumpkin in coconut cream - Thai Cuisine
7. Lapsi - Broken Wheat(dalia) Halwa
8. Mango Custard (Stove top version)
9. Moong Dal Burfi (Yellow lentil fudge
10. Kaju or Cashewnut Peda in MW 
11. Rawa Kesari/Orange coloured Suji Halwa 
12. Pineapple Pudding
13. Mango-coconut Burfi 
14. Pineapple Kesari with Dalia/Broken Wheat 
15. Badam Burfi (almond fudge) 
16. Mango-Pistachio Peda in Microwave 
17. Mango Halwa in microwave 
18. Gajar ka halwa(Carrot pudding)  in microwave 
19. Chocolate Yoghurt 
20. Tipsy Pudding/English Trifle -The famous British Dessert 

21. Besan Laddoo made in Microwave
22. Apple Halwa

23. Besan Mawa Dry Fruits Burfi 
24. Baked Orange Pudding with thick Orange Syrup 
25. Chilled Mango Pudding 
26. Dates, Oats and Nuts Laddoo
27. Stuffed Mawa Gujiya

Salad/Soup :

1. Green Moong-Tomato Kachumber(Indian salad)
2. Mixed Fruit & Vegetable Salad with Thai dressing (Thai cuisine)
3. Barley & Veggie salad with Greek Dressing
4. Red cabagge, kidney beans & tomato salad with a zesty salad dressing
5. Bean Sprout kachumber(an Indian salad with bean sprout)
6. Ceaser Salad (Italian Cuisine
7. Sprouted Mixed Beans Salad and how to grow sprouts 
8. Thai Green Papaya Salad(Thai Cuisine
9. Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup 
10. Mix-vegetable Soup with Noodles  
11. Tangy Paneer and sweet corn salad 
12. Mango Salsa

Noodles/Pasta :

1. Garlic Flavoured Hot dog/Chicken sausage Pasta
2. Veg. Hakka Noodles and Spicy Chilli Chicken
3. Pasta Bolognese (Italian Cuisine)
4. Classic Macaroni & cheese pasta(stove top version)
5. Pasta in Alfredo Sauce
6. Penne Al'arabiata (Penne pasta in Simple homemade tomato sauce)
7. Vegetable Pasta Soup(Italian Cuisine
8. Four Cheese Baked Vegetarian Pasta
9. Mushroom noodle soup in microwave 
10. Pasta in tomato-Bell Pepper/capsicum Sauce 
11. Egg pasta/Scrambled egg pasta 
12. Soya chunks pasta (pasta with soya chunks
13. Creamy baked pasta with vegetables 
14. The classic Spaghetti and Chicken meatballs in Tomato Sauce
15. Kid's favorite Veg Pizza with readymade pizza bases
16. Indian Style Vegetable Pasta
17. Pasta in roasted tomato & garlic sauce 
18. Spaghetti Alla Carbonara ~ A Creamy Italian delight 
19. Pasta in Creamy Pumpkin & Carrot Puree 
20. Pasta in roasted tomato, onion & garlic sauce 
21. Pasta Mexicana  
22. Baked Pasta in meat Sauce 
23. Broccoli Pesto Pasta  

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  1. Indrani,
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  3. hi Indrani, you have good list of recipies.

  4. hi indrani, the recipe list is very good and helpful. the recipe of kochu chingri cannot be opened, can u give me the recipe.

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