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Friday, May 7, 2010

Round up of Spotlight : Summer Food & Drinks

Finally, It's time to present the round-up of 2nd issue of Spotlight event : Summer food & drinks. Nowadays, weather is acting so strange, Summer comes before we start enjoying the beautiful Spring.
Thanks to all my blogger friends who actively participated in this event and made it one interesting event to mark. Incidently, few days after I announced this event, my Gmail account had hacked and I lost access to my blog "APPYAYAN", no idea if I'll get back my blog again, for which I worked so hard for last 2 years. Luckily, I had another blog for my recipe Index, which I'm currently blogging from, with other mail account. I tried my best to let all of you know my new email address for sending entries....may be this event could be more successful if this incident hasn't happened with me.
Thank you all again for your enthusiastic participation and friends, visit me here from now on until I get hold of my blog.
Now, I proudly present the round-up....I got 27 yummy and perfect entries for hot scorching summer, from drinks, smoothies, salad, dessert to simple curries.

1st : Drinks

1) The GREEN LADY- The Lemony khus Sherbet By Alka from Beyond Curries
2) Grappo Minty Cocktail by Priya of Priyas Recipes
3) Mixed Fruit Punch by Srivalli from Beyond Curries
4) Lychee Delight by Priya of Priyas Recipes
Last and beautiful entry in this category, Strawberry Daiquiri by Soma of eCurry

2nd : Smoothies & Milkshakes

1) Papaya Milkshake by Bharathy of Spicy Chilli
2) Nutty Fruit Shake by Uma of Trendy Relish
3) Strawberry & Pear Smoothie by Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes

1) Cucumber Buttermilk by Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes

2) Honey Prune Juice Smoothie by Indrani(me) of Appyayan/Recipe Index of Appyayan
3) Avocado Buttermilk by Jyothi of Panch Pakwan

3rd : Salads

Vegetable salad :

1) Simple Pepper Salad by Priya of Priyas Recipes
2) Barley & Mixed Veggies Salad with Greek Dressing by Indrani(me) of Appyayan/Recipe Index of Appyayan
3) Quinoa & Mixed Veggies Salad by Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes
4) Spicy Curd Salad by Priya of Priyas Recipes

5) Last entry in this category, a healthy diet recipe from Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes, Dahi Quinoa

Fruit Salad : 

1) Quinoa & Mixed Fruit Salad by Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes
2) Fruit Salad with Butterscotch Sauce by Priya of Priyas Recipes
3) Tropical Summer Fruit Salad by Sunshinemom from Beyond Curries

4th : Dessert

1) Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt by Bindiya of In love with food

2) Phirni by Indrani(me) of Appyayan/Recipe Index of Appyayan

3) Christmas Pudding by Lissie of Salt & Spice

5th: Curries

1) Nabaratna Shahi Khichdi/Khichudi by Indrani(me) of Appyayan/Recipe Index of Appyayan
2) Simple Zucchini Fry by Priya of Mharo Rajasthan's Recipes
3) Peper Dalna/ Green Papaya Curry Indrani(me) of Appyayan/Recipe Index of Appyayan
4) Aviyal by Deepti of Panchamrutham

6th : Appetizer 
Last entry of this event, Stand alone grandly of this category

Fat free Dahi Vada by Sowmya of Creative Saga

I thoroughly enjoyed making this round up...hope you all will enjoy too looking at these yummy, healthy, colorful and good looking entries..learned lots of new recipes and now let's get busy to try these in my and your kitchens..........share your thoughts and views about this round-up with me, friends.............SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Beautiful roundup.. great work Indrani..enjoyed the virtual treats of summer foods..

  2. Thanks, Priya...feels nice that u liked it

  3. Lovely roundup!! Tempting stuff for the coming months!!

  4. Nice roundup. So many cool recipes..:)

  5. Hi Indrani

    Looks like I sent you both my entries at the gmail id which got I dont see my entries here!

    Anyways...excellent round up!

  6. all the entries looks so colourful and delicious..thanks for including mine..

  7. a perfect place to refer to for delicious light recipes. Nicely done Indrani!!


  8. Hi dear after a long time...ur new blog looks very nice....what happen to the other blog....???I also send u an entry of mango lassi...may be u haven't recieve it....take care and have a nice day....

  9. Thanks, friends....I'm so sorry for that mishappen of my mail, because of that this round-up missed so many nice entries

  10. Indrani ... tomar ager id tar password change korte parcho na ki? Ekbar try kore dekho ... jodi alternative kono email id diye thako tahole ota theke o try korte paro. Ki bicchiri obostha! amar e raag hocche ... koto khata khatni kore blog kori amra ar erokom kichu hole kemon lage!
    Chinta koro na ... ei blog tao khub bhalo baniyecho. :-)

  11. Eye candy post, what a great collection. Good work Indrani.


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