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Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweets/Dessert(Bengali & Other regional Indian cuisine) & Chutneys

Recipes found in this list, some are from my other blog "Appyayan" and some are from "Recipe Junction"...if you need any clarification, or you have some suggestions/tips , please write me at

Bengali Cuisine :

1. Patishapta Pitha(pancake stuffed with coconut filling)

2. Gurer Payesh (Rice kheer with palm jaggery)

3. Rasmalai (Rasgulla in thick milk sauce)

4. Narkel Naru (coconut laddoo)

5. Misti Doi (sweet yoghurt)

6. Aam Kheer (Mango in thickened milk)

7. Malpoa

8. Sandesh (Sweetened Indian Cottage Cheese balls)

9. Phirni (Thickened rice-nut pudding)

From Other cuisines:

1. Carrot Burfi (Gajorer Burfi)

2. Almond Kulfi(Badam Burfi)

3. Mango Kulfi(low fat)

4. Rawa/Semolina laddoo

5. Steamed Caramel Custard

6. Stewed Pumpkin in coconut cream - Thai Cuisine

7. Lapsi - Broken Wheat(dalia) Halwa

8. Mango Custard (Stove top version)

9. Moong Dal Burfi (Yellow lentil fudge

Chutney : (Bengali cuisine)

1. Tomato O kacha aamer chutney(tomato & green mango chutney)
2. Anarasher Chutney (Sweet & Sour Pineapple chutney)

3. Tomato-Apple Chutney 

4. Green Mango Chutney (kacha aamer chutney)

5. Chaltar Ambol (Sweet & Sour elephant apple chutney)

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