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Friday, September 3, 2010

Announcing Spotlight : Baking Without Oven

September is very special month for me...this is the birth month of the big man of my family. So to make this month more special, I want to announce an event at Recipe Junction. This is the first event on this blog, but as you know, my other blog APPYAYAN has already hosted quite a few of its own event, named "Spotlight" and guest hosted some events. I wanted to make Spotlight a regular event, but right now I don't have enough time to take this responsibility.
Every year, I make a birthday cake for him, but right now I don't have any baking oven. I know there are other ways to bake available, as this is not a very common kitchen appliance other than in Western countries. So asking for your help through this event, share your recipes of making cakes/cookies/other baked goodies, which can be made without baking oven, like in Microwave or by Steaming or on Stove top. 
So, the theme is, "Spotlight : Baking without Oven"

Pic. Courtesy : clipartguide
Could I make myself clear? I think so. If not, please clarify with me. I want your help, especially from my fellow creative blogger friends to make this event successful. And I think there are many who can have help from this event, who doesn't own an oven, but love to bake like me.

The rules of the event :
  • Looking for some creative unconventional baking recipes which can be done by steaming or on stove top or in Microwave oven. It can be any bakes goodies, i.e., cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pizzas etc. 
  • No restriction of using eggs.
  • Post your recipes from now till 30th September, 2010. Or if you've already posted such recipes, just link them with this post. Multiple entries are welcome.
  • The entries sent to this event can be sent to other events.
  • Non-bloggers too can participate by sending their entries with recipe details and picture of the dish to my e-mail and I will add them in the round-up.
  • Please include the logo in your post, so the word can spread out easily. 
  • Send the entries to riappyayan(at)gmail(dot)com, subjest as Spotlight : baking without oven, with the following details, 
  • Your name: 
  • Blog name: 
  • Recipe name:
  • Recipe URL: 
  • Attach a photo of not more than 300 pixels wide
Put on your creative cap and send your creations to my mailbox..eagerly waiting to make some awesome goodies for my family..expecting a lot of support from you all, fellow blogger friends.

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Friday, September 03, 2010 / by / 12 Comments


  1. Dear Indrani
    What a coincidence, Boudi's Bday is also in sept I need to read the postings here and make them one by one and surprise someone ha ha !
    Well baking cake is not part of Micro-oven because it is impossible to exceed 100 deg C, when water is present...I do bake cakes, fish, chicken in Micro and heater oven combo..with amazing results..
    I recall we used to bake a small cake on gas in 70s and early 80s ...humm those were the days.
    Anyway I will try one if I am in country.
    Just forgot , I made the Machher jhol as per your was amazing..I have posted a blog on your recipe...please see.
    Regarding coconut and shrimp paste ,I liked your comments...please remember posto is not essential and you dont get it in Sing,,,,so try without it...but small shrimp is a must, dont try with big prawns
    Bhalo theko

  2. interesting event...will try to send in my entries sure..!

  3. Happy hosting Indrani, will send my entries soon..

  4. age to Maa pressure cooker ei sab banato. amar kache kaekta bhalo recipe ache so am in. between what about archived posts?

  5. Lovely n interesting event..will send you my entry!!

    US Masala

  6. I will try to participate dear. I am not a baker, so it will be funto make it without oven.

  7. My birthday is also in this do you thing I should make something spl for me with a no-bake cake....will try to send some dish here.....grt event ....

  8. Indrani,
    Interesting event. Pressure cooker e banano cake cholbe toh?

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. Thank you all for your response....
    @ Sayantani, archived post are also welcome.
    @ Hamaree rasoi, yes, pressure cooker made cake is ok

  10. Hi, My hubby,s Birthday also falls in september.I am surely sending a recipe

  11. hey are non-veg recipes allowed ? pls clarify.

  12. Looks amazing!!!! /I look forward to your feedback /thanks for this man it was very helpful.

    Baking Oven


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