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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Round up of Spotlight : Baking without Oven

I'm proudly presenting the round-up of another successful Spotlight event, Baking without Oven, which I organized to help people who doesn't own a baking oven or when your oven is broken and you need to bake. When oven was not introduced then also people baked and in this round-up, you'll find such wonderful recipes. So, get inspired people and bake & surprise someone you love...........
I've categorized this round-up by the way it's made..........
Let me start this round-up with an awesome sweet sent to me by Vanessa of Sweet Artichoke, who is a mixture of French, Swiss and Italian, married to a Bengali. What a combination, Vanessa! But the advantage is all ours...the advantage is you'll find all sorts of recipes from those respective cuisines at her place, like from Bengali Khichdi to Olive, Feta & Almonds Cupcakes recipe & even this Iranian Date & Walnut Sweet: Ranginak
No-bake, set in refrigerator recipes :
The first ever entry I've received from Aipi of US Masala, she sent me a wonderful recipe of No bake Tiramisu Cheese Cake, which is gelatin free & eggless. To enjoy this cake, you don't need any apparatus or cooking gadget, it is just set in refrigerator. So, who needs an oven to enjoy a cake? Try her recipe...........

Next, to the queue, is another No Bake No egg Strawberry Cheesecake, from Jagruti of Joy of cooking

Another no bake recipe from Kamalika of Silence Sings, The Fumbling Little Chocolate Pie, which is just set in refrigerator. No only the recipe, she has an wonderful fiction story with this to share with us, which will relate to lot of us. Go to her place and enjoy her mouth watering pics and the story. 
Steam baking Recipes : 
Next on the line is an interesting cake, a low calorie butterless cake, which is made by steaming. Steamed banana pudding cake in Chocolate sauce, from Denise of Oh Taste N See
Another Steam cooked Caramel Cake from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes. I was just drooling just seeing the name of the cake and after you see it you have to try it soon. Isn't it just lip-smacking?
From Sangeetha of Sangi's Food World, I got two yummy entries............
Steamed Chocolate cake and Steamed Banana Cake, where both are eggless. Wonderful recipes, Sangi................
Baking Using Pressure cooker : 
Another mostly used gadget for making cake(before oven is introduced) is our good old kitchen friend pressure cooker...I received two entries
And from Deepa of Hamaree Rasoi , Eggless Chocolate cake with praline and icing...looks sinfully gorgeous, Deepa
Microwave baking:
Is mostly used for baking after Oven, which has lots of potential if rightly or properly used.
Niloufer Riyaz of Kitchen Samraj has sent this MW Zebra Cake, which she has made for some celebration in 10 min. while she was sick. This is the advantage of MW baking that the outcome(whatever it is) is very quick, don't need to wait for an hour.I'm sure going to try your recipe, next time I make a cake in MW. It looks so soft and spongy. 

Next is mine entry, an Eggless Marble cake in MW...It was my first eggless experiment in MW, which I must say was really tasty, but next time I'll go for an eggplus version.
My previous experiment was MW Ginger carrot cake(egg+), which I made for my other blog, Appyayan's 1st birthday.

Mine experiment with Microwave made cookies was a really great experiment, try this cookies, won't regret....MW Honey Lemon Pistachio Cookie

Lastly, few interesting recipes from Reshmi Ahmed of A Feast to the eyes and stomach
Cornmeal Bread, which is made without an oven, right on a hot griddle, within less than an hour
Tortillas and Wraps, also made on a hot griddle
And an Turkish hand made pastry recipe, Gözleme, is a savoury traditional Turkish hand made and hand rolled pastry. Fresh pastry is rolled out, filled and sealed, then cooked over a griddle.

So, That's it for now....
I hope, I've done a favourable job to put all these wonderful recipes in one place..
Please accept this Thank You Card from me...I thank all of you, wonderful bloggers from bottom of my heart for sharing such nice recipes and participating in my event...

Link your Unconventional baking recipes here :

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  1. Wow so many entries, beautiful cakes..Great looking roundup Indrani..

  2. Great and wonderful roundup. All in one place. Nice effort

  3. Thank a lot, Priya and Shanthiji

  4. Great effort Indrani...It was my pleasure to be part of this event. And thanks a lot for your token of love

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. great round up. i dont have a baking oven, will try for kids. i was waiting for this round up

  6. Beautiful roundup.. nice collection! Great job Indrani!
    Thank you so much for beautiful card :)

    US Masala

  7. Wow Indrani grt job...And thanks a lot for the lovely card.....

  8. wow superb round up ...somany beautiful no bake cakes ..yummy


  9. Bravo, this is a brilliant and very inspiring round-up! Can't wait to try these cakes :-) Thanks, dear Indrani, for organising!

  10. that's a great round up with so many easy cake recipes.. thanks for the beautiful card.. :)

  11. Kudos to you..great round up !

  12. Hi Indrani,
    A very lovely round up ...I was glad to participate...
    And thanks for the beautiful card :)


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