Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Entries for Flavours of Bengal event

I've posted lots of vegetarian Bengali recipes for "Flavours of Bengal" event throughout this month. I'm piling all up in this post along with some old archived posts.

Side Dishes :
1. Masala Aloo-Begun(masala aloo-baingan)
2. Dudh Lau(bottle gourd with milk) and Lau-er Tarkari(vegetable medley with bottle gourd) 
3. Shukto - An unique Bitter preperation from Bengal 
4. Lau Shukto - A Bitter preperation with Bottle gourd and Bitter gourd 
5. A pure Bengali delicacy--Kanchkalar Kofta curry(Green banana/plaintain kofta in a curry) 
6. Luchi aar Pyarkoli-Aloor Dom (Bengali Dum Aloo with Spring Onion)
7. Lau Kasha/Masaledar Lauki (Bottle Gourd in a spicy gravy)
Sweets :
All these dishes are going to be a part of  Priya's "Flavours of Bengal" event, started by Nayna

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  1. Beautiful entries, looks like a mini roundup..

  2. I am hoping these entries are on their way in my inbox :)

  3. Dear Indrani
    Kemon achho? Amar khub subidha holo ei post-ta dekhe..Lau sukto recipe khuj chhilam...ebar banabo. Tomar Bon Chandrani-r san-ge hatat dekha blog-e...darun sab recipe achhe..Tomra dujon-ei ranna -e khub choukash dekhchhi..khub bhalo..
    Bhalo theko tomra sabai

  4. Onek Entry pathiyechhis. Khub bhalo hoyechhe recipe gulo. A small compliment is waiting for you at my blog plz do collect it.



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