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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

7 Links Challange

Last month, Radhika of Tickling Palates, has tagged me for this 7 links game. Thanks Radhika, for thinking of me and tagging me. Sorry, I couldn't find any time before, as I was busy with various other challenges in my life. This week, I found little time and proudly presenting my links. This game according to me is quite hard, as to choose some of your posts from 100s of posts is quite hard job and for me each post is very special and close to heart and I equally work hard for each post. Anyway, I'll try my best. Thanks once again for tagging me, Radhika.

In this game, you have to link few of your posts in 7 categories. Here are my links for these following categories :

1. The most beautiful post :

2. The most popular posts : These posts have got most hits and searches till now

Moong Dal Burfi 

3. The most controversial post : Fortunately, I have no post in this category

4. The most helpful posts :
I have hosted few series of my own event, Spotlight(which I couldn't make it in regular basis for lack of time, so very unknown to many of you). Among them the round-up of Spotlight: Baking without oven was very helpful to many, who doesn't own a conventional baking oven. This post has also got a huge number of hits in my blog.Thanks to all my blogger friends who shared their recipes with me....
& this one is also a big hit and got lot of searches, as I suppose this is a very unique kind of smoothie.

5.The posts that were surprisingly successful:

Just by accident, I prepared this dish and for my surprise it came out really delicious and my blogger friends have also liked the idea.

I was very reluctant to try making anything in microwave and finally one day I gathered lot of courage and tried out this combo. I was very happy with the result and tried out few more recipes and posted. You can check out in my Recipe Index

6. The Posts that did not get the attention that it deserves:
 (as this is very unique recipe from a very unique Indian Cuisine(Balti style cooking), I guarantee anybody will like these two combo and I suppose nobody recognised it)

(this one is also very tasty and unique recipe, should try)

7. Posts that I'm proud of : 

Balti Chicken(Chicken cooked in Balti style)
(I'm very proud of this post as this post has won the title of "30 Best recipes of 2010")

Hope, I did justice to my posts and you will also like them....

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  1. Thanks, Priya and Gayathri, u r welcome

  2. Wonderful and delicious recipes. Looks fabulous.

  3. thats kinda a great feast for our eyes while the tummy is grumbling...awesome post and thanks for tagging me too.


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