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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coconutty Chocolate cake with Walnut Topping

This is the first chocolate cake I baked after long time. Recently my daughter and her friends threw a send-off party for one of their friend. My daughter wanted me to bake a cake for 30 people. After a half day of thought, I decided to make a chocolate cake. What else can please 30 teenagers than a chocolate cake? Fortunately, I had cocoa powder and all the other ingredients at home, so I went to Hershey's site and tried this recipe.

This is very easy recipe and the outcome was yummy. I added dessicated coconut in it and added crushed walnuts for toppings to give it a crunchy texture. I was quite tensed, but everyone along with my daughter liked the cake very much..

Sep11 150
Ingredients :
Cocoa Powder : 3/4 cup
Dessicated coconut : 1 cup
Boiling water : 1 cup
Butter or margarine(room temperature) : 1/2 cup (1 stick)
Sugar : 2 cups
Eggs : 3
Vanilla extract : 1 tsp.
All-purpose flour : 1-3/4 cups
Baking soda : 1tsp.
Baking powder : 1 tsp.
Salt : 1/2 tsp.
Milk : 3/4 cup
Walnuts : 3/4 cup(coarsely chopped)

Sep11 153

  • Heat oven to 350°F. Grease 2 9-inch round baking pans. Grease whole inner side of the pan with melted butter and sprinkle flour all over it. Set aside.
  • Mix cocoa with boiling water in small bowl; stir until smooth. Set aside to cool.
  • Beat butter and sugar in large bowl until fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Stir in vanilla. Gradually add cocoa mixture, beating well.
  • Stir together flour, dessicated coconut, baking soda, baking powder and salt in another bowl; add flour mixture slowly in the butter mixture, blend with little milk until you used the whole flour mixture. Beat until well blended. 
  • Pour batter into prepared pans. decorate with coarsely chopped walnuts.
  • Bake about 55-60 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center of the cake comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes. Remove from pans to wire racks. Cool completely. 
  • You can also frost the cake if you want, in that case don't use walnut topping. You can decorate with walnuts after you frost. I didn't do the frosting.
Sep11 152

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  1. Hey.. Super delicious cake.. yummy..

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  2. Thats interesting, I love coconut in cakes, this is so unique and yummy as well

  3. Wowww... looks super delicious and tempting.. thanks for the unique recipe :)
    Indian Cuisine

  4. Very crunchy,tasty and delicious chocolate cake.

  5. Love coconut in cake,looks fabulous and super delicious cake,incredible topping..

  6. Wow! So nutty! It's crunchy and spongy at the same time!

  7. Love the coconut flavor in cakes.. Looks very delicious!!

  8. What a treat, it looks so chocolaty n scrummy! I am drooling all over it :))

  9. Thank u all for your warm response, you all made my day

  10. your cake sounds great Indrani, I'd love a slice..;P
    Tasty Appetite

  11. Hi Indrani
    Thank you so much for your sweet words @ my 300 th post and thanks for leading me to this wonderful space...loved everything here :) n this cake recipe sounds unique n very delicious...looks so tempting...happily following you to share more :)

  12. Love walnuts and the cake looks yummy. Thx for linking to the event.

    Event: Sinful Delights
    Event: Stuffed Paratha

  13. I'm not really a fan of coconut but I'm a chocolate person. Although your post makes me want to try out some and give it a shot.

    Haley McAdams
    Bartending Certification

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