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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Round-up of Spotlight : Winter Vegetable

I'm Proudly presenting the round-up of SPOTLIGHT : WINTER VEGETABLE........
Look at this colorful palette, I think my blog is looking its best with this colorful round-up. After long break, I started my Spotlight event and I am overwhelmed seeing the huge response from you all, dear blogger friends. 
The theme we decided was Winter Vegetable and the possibilities were obviously endless and I got around 80 creative entries in all categories from starter, pickle till yummy side dishes and even sweet. I want to thank all my blogger friends wholeheartedly, for your support and participation. I am so excited to try out so many new dishes and you all try them too, as winter hasn't left us yet.........
On another note, I want to convey my tribute to a food blogger and writer, Raji/Miri of Peppermill, who has passed away just few days back. I rarely knew her, but visited her blog frequently. I'm feeling very sad writing this and same time I'm so happy and honored to the fact that, she has sent me an entry(Spicy Punjabi winter mix-veg Pickle) for this event just few days back. I was shocked when I saw Soma's tribute post on her. May her soul rest in peace. 
Now to the Round-up : I have categorized all entries into different courses...

Starter/Appetizer :

Palak Doodhi Muthia from Sizzling Tastebuds
Beets Cauliflower Cutlet from Spicy Treats
Spicy Samosa from Cuisine Delights
Prawn On Toast from Spicy Foood
Vegetable Cutlet from Spill The Spices



Pumpkin Pachadi from Aromatic Cooking
Punjabi Winter Veg Pickle from Miri of Peppermill
Ber Chutney(Kooler Ambol) from It is Tasty ma!
Guave Jelly from It is Tasty ma!
Instant Chilli Pickle from A Homemaker's Diary
Purple Cabbage & Peanut Chutney from Sensible Vegetarian
Spring Onion Chutney from Foodelicious
Muli/radish Chutney from Sizzling Tastebuds
Lahsuni Gajar Ka Achar/pickle from Dee's Kitchen
Tamatar ki Chutney from My Cookbook

Soup & Salad :


Beetroot Macaroni Soup from Shandruchulu
Tomato Soup with vegetable and pasta from Delicious recipes 4m Pranati's Kitchen
Winter Mix-Vegetable salad from Random Pondering of a working Mom
Creamy Carrot Soup from Cuisine Delights
Broccoli, Bell Pepper & Cheese Soup from Sensible Vegetarian
Winter Mix-Vegetable salad from Cuisine Delights
Beetroot Soup from It is Tasty Ma!

Rice & Paratha :


Cauliflower/Gobhi Rice from Srav's Culinary Concepts
Cauliflower Paratha from Cuisine Delights
Green Peas Pulao from Cuisine Delights
Beetroot Chapati from Recipe Junction
Green Peas Kachori from Recipe Junction

Side dish :
side dish1
Mixed Veg Thoran from Spill the Spices
Methi malai Paneer from Dee's Kitchen
Methi Malai Matar from Foodie in Me
Baingan bharta with bell pepper from Recipe Junction
Arbi carrot Masala from Siri's Flavours
Adraki Gobi from icook ipost
Kohlrabi Potato curry from Cuisine Delights
Hare Pyaz ki sabzi from Meri rasoi
Gobi Manchurian from Cuisine Delights
Gobi Gulistan from Cuisine Delights
Gobi fry from Spill the Spices
Gobi Jeera masala from Sizzling Tastebuds
Ghol Bhaji from Foodelicious
Fresh Green Chana from Santosh's Kitchen
Fish Upma from Only Fish recipes
Carrot-Beet Thoran from Recipe Junction
Cabbage stir-fry from Spill The Spices
Cabbage Raw banana curry from Nisha's Kitchen
Sweet and sour Butternut Squash curry from Delicious recipes 4m Pranati's Kitchen
Broccoli Besan Sabzi from Cuisine Delights 

Undhiyu from A Homemaker's Diary
Stir-fry radish leaves from It is Tasty ma!
Spinach Dal from Santosh's Kitchen
Spicy Cauliflower Masala from Cuisine Delights
Radish with Mustard paste from It is Tasty Ma!
Purple Cabbage Stir-fry from Cuisine Delights
Pumpkin Stir-fry from Spill The Spices
Pumpkin Puli Kootu from Vegetarian Food & Me
Peas-tomato Curry from Spicy Foood
Paneer Bhurji from My Cookbook
Palak Paneer from Recipe Junction

Side dish 3

Cauliflower Green Khurma from Shandruchulu
Mix-Veg Curry from My Cookbook
Winter Mix-veg Curry from Cuisine Delights
Undhiyu from The Pumpkin Farm
Mix-vegetable Chorchori from It is tasty Ma!

Beverage/Drink :

 Gajar ki Kranji from Dee's Kitchen

Sweet/Dessert :

Carrot Halwa from My Cookbook
Beetroot Rawa Laddoo from Cuisine Delights
Carrot Halwa from Cuisine Delights

So, this is it, friends...try out all these yummies at your kitchen before Winter says good-bye to us....
Hope I havn't missed any of your entries. If I have, Please let me know and this month Spotlight is hosted by my sister, Chandrani of Cuisine Delights and theme is Colorful Holi, so friends please Cook up traditional Holi recipes from your region or any colorful dish and hop on to her place to link up your recipes. Wishing same or more enthusiasm and support from you all...Thank you so much so for all your support.

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  1. thank you for the delicious roundup glad I linked the purple cabbage curry :)

  2. wonderful round up, you had a great event and nice collection

  3. with tempting recipes the round up is great

  4. Thanks for the wonderful round up. I'm glad that I could make to your event.


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