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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kids' favorite Veg Pizza with ready-made pizza bases

Nowadays, our kids like Pizza, Pasta over rice and roti. My daughter is an exceptional Pizza-pasta lover. For her instant Pizza cravings, I preserve some ready-made pizza bases at Home. Pita breads are also a good option for pizza bases. If pizza bases are available, then you can make kids' favorite Pizza in 10 minutes. That's what I do. And off course, you have to have a convection oven at home.
The recipe follows :
Ingredients :
Ready-made Pizza base/Pita bread : 2
Mozzarella Cheese : 1 cup(grated)
Dried Italian herbs : 1 tblsp
Red chilli flakes : a pinch(optional)
Vegetables of your choice for topping---
Tomato : 1(cut into thin circles)
Onions : 1 (cut into thin circles)
Capsicum : 1/2 (cut into thin stripes)
Corn kernels : 2 tblsp.
Olives etc.

For the Tomato Spread--
Tomato puree : 1/2 cup(if you're making at home, then blanch 4 medium size tomatoes in boiling water for 10 minutes, then carefully take out the skin and blend until pureed)
Garlic paste : 1 tsp.
Oil : 1 tblsp.
Tomato ketchup : 1 tblsp.(optional)
Dried Italian herbs : 1 tblsp.
Salt and black pepper to taste

For Non-vegetarian version, you can add cooked chicken breasts or chicken salami slices with some veggies.

Method :
  • Preheat your oven at 220-230 degree C and grease(brush with little oil) a baking tray.
  • For tomato spread, prepare the tomato puree as directed before. Ready-made tomato puree also works fine. In a pan, heat oil, add tomato puree, ketchup and all other things. Mix and cook until tomato spread changes into semi-thick consistency. remove and set aside.
  • Now take a pizza base. First spread 1-2 tblsp. of tomato spread or as needed, allover the base leaving the edges. Now arrange the vegetables. Then grated mozzarella(for best results, spread generously, so it covers the whole base) and finally some dried Italian herbs and red chilli flakes(if using) on top. 
  • When your pizza bases are ready, arrange pizzas on greased baking tray, put in preheated oven and bake for 8-10 minutes or until cheese has melted completely and veggies are almost cooked.

Serve your kid or anyone immediately hot from oven and see them smile................

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  1. WOW!!! Tempting pizza with yum veggies.

  2. Pizza is my all time fav...looks delicious

  3. creamy pizza..So tempting

  4. yummy and tempting pizza. Love by all. Perfect one Indrani.


  5. Given my son a choice he can survive on pizzas only :-)
    The generous spread is tempting me to have a bite from the screen

  6. Very yummy...looks perfect. Would like to have it now...

  7. Inviting myself to ur place, fabulous pizza.

  8. Thanks a lot, friends............
    @ Priya, U r welcome anytime in my place dear

  9. Hi Dear,

    Drool worthy Pizza, will try sure.

  10. Love this pizza recipe ! and i'm so crazy about cooking lol its all Papa's cooking games fault haha, I got addicted with cooking because of those games :P

  11. I have ready made pizza bases, how long/ time will it take to get preheat micro oven, any one to help me


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