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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Narkel Naru/Soft Coconut Laddoos for Diwali/Deepavali II Other Diwali Sweets

This soft coconut laddoos are must during Indian festivals. I think there won't be one single person who doesn't love this sweet. And not to mention, I am the biggest fan of these laddoos. When these are in front of me, I just forgot to count to just eat, eat and eat.
     This laddoos are known as Naru in my part of India, i.e., Eastern part of India, West bengal. These are served as an offering to God during any puja or made during any kind of celebration. There are two types of naru/coconut laddoos are made in Bengal, One is Chinir naru, which is made with coconut and sugar and another type is Gurer Naru, which is made with coconut and jaggery. These sweets are very to make and you need very less ingredients. So this Diwali make your family happy with these yummy, soft and luscious Coconut balls.

You Need :
Coconut : 1 cup, grated, fresh coconut tastes the best
Milk : 250 ml.
Sugar : 1 cup
Water : 1/2 cup
Rose water : 1 tsp. (optional, but it adds flavour)
Cardamom : about 10, take out the seeds and grind into powder

Ghee to roll the balls

Method :
  • Grate the coconut as fine as possible and set aside. 
  • Take one saucepan, add the milk and let it boil and in medium flame let it boil until it reduces to 1/4 of its original volume, set aside and let it cool. Instead of this step, you can use condensed milk, but then reduce the amount of sugar in sugar syrup.
  • In another pan, add sugar and water and boil. Let it boil until sugar syrup becomes sticky and thick. Add rose water to the syrup. It should not be too thick, nor too thin.
  • Take a non-stick wide pan, add coconut and sugar syrup together. Stir well for a couple of minutes. Then slowly add milk and again stir until mixture becomes sticky and comes together. When the mixture doesn't stick to the side of the pan, then you know your mixture is ready to roll into laddoos.
  • Pour the mixture in a blender and blend a little. This step gives a soft and smooth rolled laddoos. Pour the mixture on a plate. Grease your palm with a drop of ghee and take little amount of mixture on your palm and roll into a smooth round ball. Roll out other balls the same way. This process should be done before the mixture cools, as the mixture gets hard, when it cools. 
  • Soft, yummy Coconut laddoos are ready to drop in your mouth.

Some other common sweets prepared during Diwali :







MICROWAVE MANGO PEDA                                                     



RAWA/SEMOLINA LADDOO                                                             



Sunday, November 11, 2012 / by / 6 Comments


  1. That's a beautiful collection of Diwali treats! I'm going weak knees! :)

    Thanks for joining, appreciate if you could add my event banner. Happy Diwali dear!

  2. Cute laddoos,prefect for diwali celebration..Diwali wishes to you and your family.

  3. Hi!first time here!so yummy.happy to follow you:)have a look on my space and support me:)

  4. Narkel Naru s are my all time favorite. The color is really nice, have you used any food color for that?

    Kindly visit my first recipe event @ "I love my Mom's Recipes"

  5. @ Manidipa, for color, I didn't use any food color, actually while cooking, it changed to light yellowish shade, yes, naru is also my absolute fav

  6. Awesome spread of delectable sweets....this ladoo recipe is quite different from the ones we make at home....looks yum....


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