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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Round-up of Spotlight : Beans & Lentil

Finally, the round-up of Spotlight : Beans & lentil is out...Sorry for being so late, I was over-occupied with lots of things. I'm feeling really happy that finally I made it, Yaay!!
Like every event, this time also we are showered with 45 unique and over-delicious recipes. So many of them I have never heard of. Just because of this event, I have learnt so many recipes from my fellow blogger buddies. Thank You All for making this event successful and fruitful for all of us. We have so many dishes to learn and re-create in our own kitchen, right? So no more chit-chat, directing you all towards this colorful palatte of lentil dishes to explore .......................

Dal/lentil Soup/curry :
Collage 1

First Row :
1. Kerala Style Daal Curry from A Bowl of Curry
2. Dal Fry from Indian Delights
Second Row :
1. Mixed Dal from Sugar 'n' Spice
2. Dalma~Oriyan Lentil dish from Recipe Junction (Host's entry)
3. Moong dal Potato Stew from Cook, Click n devour
Third Row :
1. Kale Chickpea Soup from Chef Mireille's Global Creations
2. Dal Makhani/Maa ki dal/Kali dal from Recipe Junction (Host's entry)

Collage 2

Top row(left to right)
1. Borlotti/Cranberry beans Masala varuval from Oh Taste n See
2. Instant Sambhar from Kitchen Serenity
3. Dal palak Curry from Nandoo's Kitchen
Bottom Row(left to right)
1. Dal Makhani from SJ's Food Court
2. Kadappa~ Moong Dal Curry from Oh Taste n See
3. Vegetarian Dalcha from Kitchen Serenity

Collage 3

Top Row (left to right) :
1. Vegetable Lentil Dalia from Vegetarian Indian Recipes
2. Sprouts Jalfrezi from Home Cook Food
3. Methi Paneer Rajma Curry from Home Cook food
Bottom Row(left to right) :
1. Lentil Vada Curry from Recipe Junction(Host's entry)
2. Black Chickpea in Coconut Gravy from A Bowl of Curry

Collage 4

Left Column(Top to Bottom) :
1. Mixed Masala Dal from Cuisine Delights(Co-host's entry)
2. Pindi Chana from Cuisine Delights(Co-host's entry)
3. Chana masala from Cuisine Delights(Co-host's entry)
Middle Column(Top to Bottom) :
Kerala Kadala Curry from Gayathri's Cook Spot
Mix Lentil Kootu from Wok and Munch
Right Column(Top to Bottom) :
1. Khatti Methi Moong from Cuisine Delights(Co-host's entry)
2. Aloo Chana in Green gravy from Cuisine Delights(Co-host's entry)
3. Chettinad Pakora Kuzhambu from Cuisine Delights(Co-host's entry)

Lentil as an Appetizer :
Collage 1

First row(left to right) :
1. Vazhaipoo vadai (deep fried dumplings with banana blossom flower)from Cook, click & devour
2. Tacozza from SJ's Food Court
3. Kohlapuri Missal pav from Vegetarian Indian Recipes
Second row(left to right) :
1. Chickpea Fritters from Malaysian Delicacies
2. Chana Dal Cake from From my own kitchen
3. Dahi Phulki from Kitchen Serenity
Third row(left to right) :
1. Spinach, Corn & Lentil pancake/Cheela from Thou shalt Cook
2. Chana Chat from Peppery Tales
3. Masala Chana dal from Home Cook Food

Collage 2

Left : Ghugni(Dry peas bengali curry) from Recipe Junction(Host's entry)
Right : Moong dal masala Dosa from Recipe Junction(Host's entry)(top)
             Chola Bhaja(stir fried black chickpeas) from Recipe Junction(Host's entry)

Lentil as Salad/Chat :

Left : Sprouted Mixed Bean Salad from Recipe Junction(Host's Entry)
Right : Carrot Mung Bean Salad from Chef Mireille's Global Creations

Lentil & Rice :

Left : Chickpea Biriyani from Follow Foodie
Right : Lebanese Lentil Rice from SJ's Food Court(top)
             Black Chickpeas Mint Pulao from Vegetarian Indian Recipes(bottom)

Last but not the least, Achar(pickle) :

Chickpeas Mango Pickle from Vegetarian Indian Recipes

 Now what are you waiting for? Choose one and make that dish for your family today. I've already decided. I Thank You all wholeheartedly.... please accept this participation badge as a token of our gratitude. 

An Important Announcement :
This month, Spotlight is focusing on "Raksha Bandhan" Recipes, please participate and make it successful again with your unique contribution. The deadline, we have extended till 15th September instead of 15th August, 2013. Go to this link to know more about the event :

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  1. Excellent round up of best possible lentil and beans based recipes.

  2. wow... thank you for sharing these recipes. I like all the healthy food guide. Hope that it will help me out in future.


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