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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Round-up of Spotlight : Continental and the contest winners

    Here I'm with the round-up of Spotlight : Continental. This time Spotlight did the food tour to Continental countries and my blogger friends have shared their continental recipes with us. We got total of 52 recipes and the round-up looks colorful as always with the gorgeous dishes.
    As I mentioned in the announcement that the continental cuisine refers to only European cuisine. I'm not sure if American Cuisine comes under Continental cuisine, but as American cuisine is influenced by the whole European cuisine, we can call it also Continental Cuisine. But Asian Cuisine does not come under continental Cuisine. I did not want to include those entries who have sent Asian recipes, but on second thought, I've included them in the round-up. But those Asian recipes won't be counted towards contest.
So here goes the colorful round-up of Spotlight : Continental

American Cuisine :

First Column :
Top: Nutella Hot chocolate with Baileys by Home Cook Food
Bottom : 15 Bean vegetarian Stew in slow cooker by My life and Spice
Second Column :
Top :  Baked Mexican spring rolls by Home Cook Food 
Middle : Green Gram Dal and purple cabbage Burrito by My kitchen Odessey

Bottom : Homemade Guacamole by My kitchen Odessey
Third Column :
Top : Pineapple Salsa my My Kitchen Odessey
Bottom : Snowman Cookies by Just Not the Cakes

FourthColumn :
Top : Vegan Chai Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies By The Big Fat Indian Wedding
Middle : Pineapple Juice by My kitchen Odessey
Bottom : Hush Puppies with spicy Corn Aioli by Chef Mireille's east west Realm
Fifth Column :
Top : Homemade Corn Tortilla by My kitchen Odessey
Bottom : Mexican Black Bean and Mushroom Soup by My kitchen Odessey 

French Cuisine :

From top left(clockwise) :
1. Eggless vanilla Creme Brulee by Just not the cakes
2. Vegetable Au Gratin by Cutchi Kitchen
3. Flammekeuche from Cutchi Kitchen
4. Ratatoille from Home cook Food
5. Mint Chocolate Pot De Cream(eggless) by Cutchi Kitchen
6. Cauliflower Broccoli Gratin by Just not the cakes 

Italian Cuisine :

First Column :
Top : Crostini with Cherry Tomatoes by Just not the Cakes
Bottom : Gourmet Pizza with Caramelized onions and sundried tomatoes by Varada's Kitchen

Second Column :
Top : Mozzarella in Carrozza by Cutchi Kitchen
Middle : Garlic Bread by Malas Kitchen
Bottom : Cheesy Spinach pasta by Ghar Ka Khana

Third Column :
Top : Pina Colada Pannacotta by Just not the Cakes
Bottom : Oreo Cheese Cake by Simply.Food

Fourth Column :
Top : Vanilla Pannacotta with Pomegranate Sauce by Cutchi Kitchen
Middle : Pasta in Creamy Pumpkin and carrot Puree by Recipe Junction(host's entry)
Bottom : Pasta in tomato and almond pesto by Nivedhanam

Fifth Column :
Top : Cauliflower Crust pizza by Just not the cakes 
Bottom : Pasta in roasted tomato & garlic Sauce by Recipe Junction(host's entry)

English/British Cuisine :

First Column :
Top : Autumn Fruits Chutney By
Middle :Apple Crumble Pie by recipe Junction(host's entry)
Bottom : Coconut delight Snowball by

Second Column :
Top : Banoffee Pie by Just Not the Cakes

Bottom : Tipsy Pudding or English Trifle by Recipe Junction(host's entry)

Third Column
Top : Eggless Banana Oat Coconut Cupcake by Recipe Junction(host's entry)
Middle : Pomegranate Trifle by just not the Cakes

Bottom : Apple Crumble by Just Not the Cakes

Other Europian cuisine :

First Column :

Top : Gingerbread Brownies by Home Cook Food
Middle : Strawberry Cream Gateau by Cutchi Kitchen
Bottom : Pomegranate Banana Muesli by Chef Mireille's east west Realm 

Second Column :
Top : Eggless Slovak paska Bread by Nivedhanam
Bottom : Slovak paska Bread(eggless) by Just Not the Cakes

Third Column :

Top : Sweedish Cinnamon Buns by Nivedhanam
Middle : Spanish Tortilla by Cutchi Kitchen
Bottom : Candycane Squares by Home Cook Food

Asian Cuisine :

Top Row(left to right) :
1. Thai Green Chicken Curry by Anisha's Platter
2. Srilankan Chocolate Cake by Just Not The Cakes
3. Tofu 65 by Home Cook Food

Bottom Row(left to right) :
1. Aloo tofu matar grilled sandwich by Home Cook Food
2. Gajar ka Halwa by Nayanas kitchen kreation
3. Srilankan Party Sandwiches by Just Not the Cakes

Last but not the least, Tofu Lettuce Wrap by Home Cook Food

Now is the time to announce the name of those winners who will receive Vouchers from Just (An online food ordering site). Coupons valid on all online payment restaurants in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.

I'm distributing the vouchers according to the maximum number of entries sent. As I said earlier, participants who have sent Asian recipes, won't be counted for the contest.So, drumroll pls.

First Place : Just not the Cakes is receiving 500 Rs. Voucher (10 entries)
Second Place : Cutchi Kitchen is receiving 500 Rs. Voucher (7 entries)
Third Place : My kitchen Odessey is receiving 200 Rs. Voucher ( 6 entries)
Fourth Place : Home Cook Food is receiving 200 Rs. Voucher (5 entries)
There is a tie on the fifth place, so both are getting a 200 Rs. voucher
Fifth Place : Nivedhanam is receiving 200 Rs. Voucher (3 entries)

Sixth Place : Simply.Food is receiving 200 Rs. Voucher (3 entries)

I wholeheartedly thank everyone who have shared their continental recipes with this event and please accept this badge as a token of our appreciation.

The theme of next month's Spotlight will be announced very soon, please participate and share your recipes with us always.

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  1. thanks very much indrani dor the vouchers

  2. Malas Kitchen, If you see the round-up, please give me your didn't write a proper email in the linky tools, so couldn't send you a mail.


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