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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Announcement of Spotlight : MAR-APRIL,'14

  In my event Spotlight, I have started our Indian Spice series from last month with Panch Phoron , which is not so much known to many, but has a distinctive flavour. But not many of my blogger friends have participated in this particular theme. I thought through this event, many of my blogger friends would try this spice and get to know its taste. As this did not happen, I'm announcing the star spice of this month, "Fennel/Saunf/Mouri" along with Panch Phoron(bengali five spice mix).

You can prepare any dish with panch phoron or Fennel as a main spice Ingredient or can use both in one dish. So, let's see this time if my blogger buddies dare to try a new spice. Fennel is very common spice ingredient in our Indian Kitchen. It is extensively used in Kashmiri and Gujrati Cuisine, also in Oriya and Bengali Cuisine too.

Fennel seed has a huge list of medicinal benefits : 

 1. Fennel also acts as an excellent digestive aid to relieve abdominal cramps, gas and bloating. {I soak about a tablespoon of fennel seeds in 4 glass of water overnight, then first thing in the morning I drink this water seperating the seeds. It helps to cool your stomach in Summer.}
 2. Fennel seeds contain creosol and alpha-pinene, chemicals that help to loosen congestion and make coughs more productive. Fennel also calms the dry, hacking cough of bronchitis.
 3. The potassium content helps in maintaining the blood pressure and hence the heart rate is also maintained.
 4. Production of Red Blood Cells is enhanced by the consumption of Fennel Seeds. Copper, which is required by the body for the production of red blood cells, is present in these seeds.
 5. Fennel seeds contain of a 100 gram serving: 39.8 grams of fibre, a calorie count of 345 calories, proteins 15.8 grams, fat, 14.87 grams, cholesterol ) grams and carbohydrates of around 52.9 grams. Other constituents like sodium 88 mg, potassium 1694mg, calcium 1196mg, copper 1.067mg and iron 18.54mg are also important.
  There are many more health benefits these seeds contain, so use this seed every way possible in your cooking. You can even chew this seeds raw after food for easy digestion. Roasted feenel seeds are used as a mouth freshner and as a digestion aid.

Rules of this event :
1. Prepare any dish with Fennel or Panch Phoron as the main spice ingredient. Or You can use both in one dish. Veg and Non-Veg. both are allowed.
2. Post it in your blog between 15th Mar,'14 to 15th April, 2014. Archived posts are allowed but should be linked with this announcement page and the logo. 
3. All posts should include this announcement link and the logo. The use of logo is mandatory as it helps to spread the word.
4. Multiple Entries are always welcome.
5. Non-bloggers can also send their recipes. Send your recipes to below mentioned email address with a picture.
6. Use the linky tools below to link your entries...if you are having any problem linking your entries, send them to my email address, riappyayan (at) gmail (com) with subject line "Spotlight : Indian Spice tray-Fennel/Panch Phoron" in below format with a picture of your dish
               Name :
               Blog name :
               Recipe Name :
               Recipe URL :

               Image :  

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