Monday, June 16, 2014

Round-up of Spotlight : Sandwich

Here I present you the round-up of spotlight : Sandwich with a heavy heart. This time, not much of my blogger friends have participated. I can't complain as this time even I could not participate in my own event, was so much occupied in family front. I think they are also busy with their family, too. I am little late of publishing the round-up as I was on vacation. After coming back, this is the first thing I'm doing. So here is the shortest round-up of Spotlight : Sandwich. I am so much thankful to those who has shared theirs unique recipes with us. Let's move on to the colorful Round-up,

1. Baked eggplant Parmesan Sandwich

Linsy of Home Cook Food has shared her healthy eggplant parmesan sandwich recipe which she has prepared by baking it to make it healthier and crunchier. Visit this link to find here recipe.

2. Tofu Aloo Matar Grilled Sandwich/Tofu Potato peas Grilled Sandwich

Linsy of Home Cook Food is sharing here another recipe of Tofu aloo matar Sandwich. Visit this link to find the recipe.

3. Baked Falafel Sandwich

Linsy of Home Cook Food is sharing her another recipe of Baked Falafel Sandwich. Visit this link to find the recipe.

4. Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Linsy of Home Cook Food is sharing her another healthy sandwich recipe, Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Visit this link to find the recipe.

5. Besan Chilla Sandwich

Linsy of Home Cook Food is sharing another very unique recipe, Besan Chilla sandwich. Visit this link to find the recipe.

6. Croque Madame

I am sure many of us have never heard of such a sandwich. But, yes, it really exists and it's a classic French Sandwich. Manjari Chowdhury of For the Love of Food has shared this recipe of this classic French sandwich, which she made with homemade Sour Cream Sandwich bread. Visit her page to know all about this sandwich and off course the recipe of bread and how to make this classic sandwich.

7. Bombay Toast Sandwich

Anitha's Kitchen shared her Bombay Toast Sandwich recipe which has a green chutney and Veggie combination.

8. Corn & Capsicum Sandwich

Anitha's Kitchen shared her another healthy sandwich recipe which is very colorful and loaded with goodness of vegetables. Check out her recipe here.

9. Italian Eggplant Sandwich

Here is another unique sandwich recipe from Anitha's Kitchen, Italian eggplant sandwish. Visit her blog to check the recipe.

Even though, it was a short round-up, but we have 9 exciting variety of sandwiches to explore..I am going to try all of them. A special special thanks top Linsy patel for never forgetting to participate in my event and for sharing 5 unique recipes with us. Thanks to Manjari for sharing such unique recipe with us and my sincere thanks to Anitha for shring 3 amazing sandwich recipes. Please accept this Spotlight participation bagde as a token of appreciation from Spotlight team. Thank you all.........

Friends, please participate in future Spotlight events too. I'm going to announce it soon.

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  1. This is sandwich heaven!!! very nice and different recipes

  2. Very useful and nice roundup!!!!


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