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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pritha's Rui macher Nawabi Kalia

     So last week, I was the star blogger of the series "Know Your Blogger-2" by "Kolkata Food Bloggers". That's why you didn't see me introducing a new blogger to you, my friends have tried my recipes and introduced myself to their readers. That was an awesome week, but one week has gone, this week I'm featuring another food blogger from Kolkata and fellow KFBian, Pritha Chakraborty, she blogs @Guilt Free. One of the youngest and most active food blogger of our group. She is very passionate of what she does. She is journalist by profession, even though she posts almost every alternate day on her blog. She is very new in this blogging world, but in very short time she posted over 100 very innovative recipes on her blog. You will find lots of experimental baked items, traditional Bengali recipes along with lots of continental dishes too. Not only she posts regularly, she also posts special festive recipes everyday on every festive occasions. Recently she posted 30 recipes in 30 days during Durga Puja festival and now she is posting Christmas recipes in these last 10 days of Christmas. Hop on to her blog to see those special Christmas recipes. What I love about her blog is her write-up, before every recipe she adds some anecdotes in very amusing and humorous way, that always bring smile on my face. I recently got a chance to meet her on a special event organized by KFB. 

        Last week, I was quite busy prepping for a Bake sale organized by KFB, so picked a recipe which is very festive and can be made for daily cooking as well. I chose her Rui Macher Nawabi Kalia. It's a dish where Rohu or any sweet water fish is cooked in a onion-tomato gravy with a touch of some special spices, like garam masala and dry fruits like cashews and raisins. I followed her recipe to the T, so I'm not giving you the recipe here again, please hop on to her page for the original recipe and give this festive dish a try.  It was a delicious mouth watering fish dish, I totally enjoyed with some hot rice. Thank you, Pritha for this wonderful recipe. 

I'm sending this to Kolkata Food Blogger's Ongoing event, "Know Your Blogger-2"

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