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Monday, June 22, 2015

Mango Lemonade

         I'm posting a quick beverage/drink recipe which I make quite often in this summer season and when mangoes are around. It's called Mango Lemonade, it's an awesome thirst quencher in summer and a fruity alternative to the traditional lemonade or mango drink. 

You Need :
Mango Pulp of 1 big mango
Sugar : 3-4 tblsp or as needed
Lemon juice : 2 tblsp., use as per your liking
Crushed ice

How To:
  • In a blender, take mango pulp, lemon juice, sugar and 1 cup of water/cold water. Blend until everything blends well. 
  • Pour into serving glasses, adjust the taste according to your liking. 
  • Finally serve each glass with some ice in it.

So, try this out before the mangoes are out of market. Hurry up ..................

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