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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pithe-Puli Festival @ 6, Ballygunge Place Salt Lake

       Kolkata is nowadays a heaven for food lovers. Every week there are numerous food events going on, organised by eminent restaurants of Kolkata. Say it a theme event by many restaurants in one place or theme event by individual restaurants. Either way, gainers are finally the people of Kolkata who can taste different regional cuisines of India and even International cuisines.
       In between all these, there are very few eminent restaurants available in Kolkata who are  serving authentic Bengali cuisine. 6, Ballygunge Place is one such restaurant who are immensely popular for their authenticity on Bengali food served there. People love to visit this place for Bengali food. During the winter months, sweet Bengalis celebrate their harvest festival by making a special type of sweet namely "Pithe/Pitha", using mainly rice, the main harvest of India. In almost all bengali households, mothers and grandmothers keep themselves busy making different varieties of pithes day and night. But in today's busy schedule, who can't get time to make this special sweet at home, 6, Ballygunge place has become saviour for them. They are organising "PITHE PARAB", a pite-puli festival for this special occassion for 4 days to taste some of the authentic pithes from Bengali Cuisine.

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As a representer of Kolkata Food Bloggers, I was invited to taste their goodies of this festival. House Chef Sujoy Halder curated an awesome menu which consists of some Bengali authentic pithe recipes and some fusion pithe recipes which are his invention. All of them were lip-smackingly delicious and perfectly balanced in taste and look.

Here are some of the mouth-watering treats....see for yourself
     1. Chand Puli : puli pithe made with Moong dal and Rice and stuffed with coconut filling in half-moon(Chand) shape


2. Dab Bhapa Puli : Puli made into different shapes and steamed

3. Doodh Puli : Puli stuffed with coconut filling and then dunked into thickened and sweetened milk

4. Chusi Pithe : very small pulis made from a rice flour dough are dunked into sweetened milk

5. Biulir Daler Patishapta : A crepe made with rice and Urad dal and filled with coconut filling

6. Til Pithe : This is one of Chef"s creations, a very unique idea of filling the puli with apples, grapes and dry fruits, coated with sesame seeds/til and then sauted on tawa

7. Ranga Aloor Jhola Gurer Payesh : This is another of Chef"s creations where Ranga Aloo or sweet Potato is cooked in thickened milk which is sweetened by liquid date palm jaggery(only available during winter months)

 There are some more delicacies 6, Ballygunge Place has to offer you...Bengali's favorite Aloor Dum and Kasha Mangsho with CHALER ROTI, roti made with rice flour....

These are the spread at their "Pithe Parab" festival, it is on from 14th-17th of January 2016. I'm recommending everyone to go there and enjoy these delicacies at very affordable price

Finally, me and my blogger friend from PEEK N COOK, are posing with Chef Sujoy Halder. I want to thank Chef Sujoy Halder for serving us such nice delicacies and 6, Ballygunge place for their awesome hospitality.

 And last but not the least, Kolkata Food Bloggers for giving me this opportunity.

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