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Saturday, April 9, 2016

How to make your Poila Baishakh Celebration an unforgettable one

     Beginning of a new year is always a grand affair for every community. Even though for whole World, New Year(academically and financially) means beginning of a English New Year, but for all Indians our regional calender year is equally important and means a lot.
      Being a Bengali by birth and by heart, a Bengali new year or "Nabobarsha(new Year in Bengali)" calls for a grand celebration for me like all Bengalis. "Poila Boishakh" as we call the 1st day of a Bengali New Year. In Bengali “Poila” means the first, and Boishakh is the first month of the Bengali calendar. It usually falls on the 14th or 15th of April each year. It is celebrated in Indian state of West Bengal and also in India's neighboring country Bangladesh. Wherever there is a Bengali community, Poila Boishakh is a huge festivity.
      In Bengal, there is a proverb,"Baro Mase Tero Parbon" which translates, in 12 months there are 13 festivals. And that is so true. We Bengalis just look for one occasion to meet with family, friends and relatives, just gather in one place and have "adda" which means having a good time chit-chatting with friends and relatives and eating good food. But in today's busy life where everyone is busy with their studies and work, these family get-togethers are slowly replaced by phone calls and Internet chatting and we just ended up being alone just with our own nuclear family.  But I always make a big effort and plan for a month to make this day a grand celebration.

      In this post I tried to put up 5 simple ways you can make this day an unforgettable experience for your near and dear ones:

1. Make your House Poila Boishakh Ready ::: 
Cleaning our house and kitchen is an important tradition of Bengali New Year celebration. Cleanliness not only brings wealth and prosperity to our home but also needed to maintain a healthy life. When I was little, I used to wonder why my mother used to clean each and every corner of the house specially 1 week before the new year day, even though she is always busy cleaning our house(She is a cleanliness freak). Then she used to tell me that this special cleaning is to welcome the new year and bring prosperity to our house. I still kept this tradition alive in my home and clean my home and kitchen extra special just days before the New year day. Kitchen is the most important place where we cook our food and keep our food items, therefore cleaning the kitchen is must before the new year too. Cleaning the kitchen, also includes make the kitchen Cockroach free is a dainty task. Cockroaches contaminate food and utensils which causes food poisoning. Therefore, I always use "Godrej LAL HIT" as its deep reach nozzle helps to reach every nook and corner of the kitchen and also in hidden places where cockroaches hide and make our kitchen dirty. Not only before the new year, I spray Godrej Lal Hit once a month to keep the cockroaches out of my kitchen forever. It's a equally important for a healthy lifestyle just like having healthy food. Bengali New Year is just round the corner, so my cleaning spree is going on in full swing nowadays.

2. Decorate your house interiors ::
Decorate your house with things that reflects the culture of Bengal during this time like, earthen pots and summer flowers etc. You can also paint your interiors and exteriors with new color. In my home, it's a tradition to paint our house newly before Bengali New Year every year. On Poila Baishakh, make a white alpona or rangoli inside and outside your house which will give your home a festive look and it is said to be auspicious too.

3. Plan for a grand reunion with friends and relatives ::
While you're done making your house Poila Baisakh ready, make a plan ahead and invite your family members and close friends for a get-together. Poila Boishakh is a celebration that brings people together. Plan a grand Bengali menu and surprise them. For Bengalis, there is no better way to celebrate a special day other than eating and chatting with your loved ones and spend a quality time together.

4. Surprise your family members ::
Exchanging gifts was an important part of Poila Baishakh celebration in Bengali tradition, but slowly with times this tradition has become quite uncommon. This Poila Boisakh, surprise your family members with a personalised gifts, better a hand-made ones if possible.

5. Make a resolution :
  New year is always a good time to take a resolution and start a new beginning. You can also start a new hobby like paintingor gardening. This is the best time to start a new hobby you always wanted to do.

New year means a new beginning, a new anticipation, a new resolution to make our lives happy, healthy and wealthy. And all our traditions are meant for our well-beings and happiness. SO let's keep our old traditions alive and make our home and community a batter place to live. Hereby, I'm wishing my visitors, readers and followers a very HAPPY POILA BOISHAKH !!!!!!!

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