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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kumro Phuler Bora (Pumpkin Flower Fritter)

  Pumpkin flower is a bright yellow or orange-yellow colored flower of pumpkin plant which is loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are essential for our body to remain healthy and happy. Like pumpkin, pumpkin flower is also equally nutritious and can be used in several foods around the world. In my native cuisine, Bengali Cuisine, we make fritters with them and it tastes excellent as a side dish with rice or as a snacks with our evening tea or coffee. 

   Apart from their wonderful taste pumpkin flower is a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Here are some health benefits it carries :

1. Vitamin C present in pumpkin flowers help to enhance the immune system of our body, which protects us from colds and coughs. Including it in your regular diet help to fulfill vitamin C requirement of the body. It accelerates the absorption of iron and therefore strengthens the body’s resistance to infection. It also fights against viruses.
2. Pumpkin flower is one of the good source of vitamin A and regular consumption can prevent conditions like dry eyes as well. Apart from that it helps in the formation of visual purple in the eyes, which improve the vision of weak eyes. Similarly it ensures a healthy retina and also prevents night blindness by increasing the adaptability of the human eye to both bright light as well as darkness.
3. Consuming pumpkin flower on a regular basis helps to boost your immunity.
4.  Phosphorus found sufficiently in pumpkin flower is a vital part of the growth process and the maintenance of bones and teeth. Pumpkin flowers along with calcium can make strong bones, which can endure the normal wear and tear of human life. Additionally it helps in boosting the health of your gums and tooth enamel.

 Now how to make pumpkin flower fritters :

You Need :
Pumpkin flowers : 5-6
Besan/Chickpea flour : about 2/3 cup
Black cumin seed : 1/2 tsp.
Turmeric powder : a pinch
Red Chilli powder : 1 tsp.
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

How To :
  • To clean the flower : There is a certain procedure to cut and clean up the flower. Separate the petal part from the stalk, then take out everything from the flower. Now wash the flowers very carefully, taking care not to tear them apart as they are very delicate. 
  • Always wash the flowers just before you fry them, otherwise they will be soggy immediately.
  • Prepare a batter in a bowl adding besan and just enough water to make a semi-thick batter. With a whisk, whisk it well, so there is no lump. Now add all the spices in and mix it well. Your batter is ready.
  • Now heat enough oil in a pan to deep fry. Dip one flower at a time in the batter, coat it well with batter and pour it in the oil. Similarly, drop other batter coated flowers in the oil and fry them from both side till they are golden brown in color. Do not overcrowd the oil and fry them in medium heat. 
  • Drain on a kitchen tissue to soak the excess oil and serve immediately.

Try them at'll be addicted to it I guarantee........................

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