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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crispy Moong Dal Masala Dosa & Moong Dal Vada

Dosa or crispy pancake is a staple food of South India. It is served mainly for breakfast. It is also popular allover India. To make a regular dosa is atleast 2 days job. You have to soak rice & dal overnight, next morning grind them to make a batter and keep it for fermenting, it's a lengthy process..but end result is definitely awesome. Once you have it, you'll never forget the taste. I would like to share with you a simple dosa recipe, which you can make instantly avoiding all those process. It is made from Moong dal and it tastes as good as regular dosa. I am sure everybody will love this. From when I get to know that moong dal burns fat from your body(ya, it's true, Ayurveda says that), I am just looking for moong dal recipe everywhere and trying to consume as much as possible. So, I found out this recipe here and tried it. It's a lovely recipe. So try for sure and you'll love this ...............

photo-051208 049
For Dosa :
Moong dal : 2/3 cup
Ginger : 1"
Green chilli : 2/3
Oil : 3-4 tblsp.

For Potato Masala filling use this recipe

Method :
  • Soak moong dal in hot water for 1 hour. Grind dal adding ginger, green chilli, salt and 2 tblsp.(tablespoon) of water. Don't use much water and make a smooth paste. It won't be not too dry but a smooth, creamy batter.
  • With a spoon, whisk the batter in circular motion only for 2-3 minutes. keep aside. The batter is now ready to make dosa.
  • For the masala filling, use this recipe of mine posted earlier.
  • To make the dosa, take a non-stick tawa or a frying pan with wide flat surface. Grease the whole pan with 1 tsp. oil and drop little batter on it. Now with back of a spatula, spread the batter in circular motion in a thin layer.
  • As soon as the upper surface looks dry, drizzle one tblsp. oil all over the topside. Flip over carefully. The lower surface should be light golden in color and crispy. Cook the flip over side until it also turns light golden for about 1 minute.
photo-051208 045
  • Flip it over again and put some of the masala filling in the center of the dosa and fold from both sides.
photo-051208 046

  • Take it out of the pan and serve hot. Same way, make some more dosas and serve with sambar and coconut 050  
Sambar recipe, you will find here , it can be made with or without vegetables.

Moong Dal Vada from leftover dosa batter
If you have excess dosa batter, don't throw them out. Try next day this Moong Dal Vada. It goes well as an accompaniment with any dal(lentil) and white rice or serve just as an appetizer.

photo-051208 052

Ingredients :
Dosa batter
Coriander leaves : a handful
Black cumin(nigella) seeds : 1 tsp.
Oil for shallow frying

Method :
  • Heat enough oil in a pan( it doesn't have to be deep-fried). Take little amount of batter in your hand and drop little by little on the oil. Fry on both sides until golden brown.
  • Remove from oil and keep on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.
Note : always serve this vada hot and make just before serving, as it gets soft very fast, then it won't taste so great. Serve with any chutney or chilli or tomato ketchup.

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  1. Love masala dosas,that too with moongdal,definitely a nutritious dosas..feel like munching those vadas..

  2. masala dosa with moongdal nice idea..looks inviting!!
    vadas are more tempting n perfect for the weather.
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  3. Loved the look of the masala dosa. Making me hungry in this cold morning.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Moong dal dosa and vada looks awesome.

  5. Both the recipes looks super duper good. I liked your left over idea very much.

  6. Yum ..that platter looks so yum n nice new template

  7. wow, dosa looks delicious..nice idea of making vadais with left over batter..

  8. loved this masala disa recipe with moong dal.....wishing u n ur family a very happy new year !

  9. Dosa with moong dal ... very new to me but looks delicious..:))


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