Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Round-up of Spotlight : Healthy Baking

Today I'm here to present the round-up of Spotlight : Healthy Baking .....
I'm very much happy and delighted to say that we have got 85 creative baking ideas from our fellow blogger friends...what else can we ask for? In the list, there are all sorts of baking goodies, eggless, fatless cakes, muffins, scones, bread, tarts etc and some are sugarless too. This time I didn't present the round-up with pictures because, each recipe in this list is unique and its all in the name. Without anymore speech, I'm giving you the list..............here is it. So go thru the list and enjoy.

Spotlight : Healthy Baking Ideas

I can't tell you how much I am excited to try each recipes from this list and I think you are too....I am so thankful to each one of you for sharing your creative recipes with my event..

Sara's Tasty Buds and Nivedhanam sent us more than 10 entries....15 and 14 respectively. Thank you dearies for your enthusiastic participation and my sincere thanks to all other bloggers too for your creative ideas and participation. Please everyone, accept this badge as a token of our appreciation.

Do you know the theme of this month. It is Spotlight : Valentine's Treat and is going on my sis's blog Cuisine Delights. Please shower your support this time too...........

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  1. super tempting dishes.. Nice round up

  2. Awesome collection. I would surely be trying quite a few recipes from here. http://confusioncook.com/2013/01/01/lets-bake-love-eggless-valentine-bake/

  3. Delectable round up and a thumbs up for doing this grt job done...Thanks for sharing dear....

  4. Lovely round up .....Thanks for sharing all the recipes :-)

  5. Awesome round up! Thanks for sharing :)


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