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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Mango Salsa

    Today's post is on my favorite fruit and fruit of the Summer season, Mango, which is about to vanish from market real soon and I am getting emotional about it every day. So consuming it as much as possible and as many ways as possible.
    Mango Salsa, one of my favorite way of consuming mangoes. It is originated in Central and South America. What has become known as salsa fresca, or fresh sauce, came in to European and North American cooking via Spanish invaders in South America. The term "salsa" is the Spanish word for "sauce" and "fresca" is the Spanish word for "fresh." Mango salsa is simply a variation of salsa fresca.

   There are numerous variations of salsa available in South American cuisine, mango salsa is just one of them made with fresh ripe mangoes, Jalapenos(mexican chilli) for the spiciness, red onion, bell peppers and some lemon/lime juice together makes a balanced taste of sweet, sour n spicy flavours, which one can't resist once tasted. I'm devouring it almost daily.
 You can have Mango salsa alongside your lunch or dinner as a salad.

You Need :
Ripe Mango : 1, peeled and diced
Red & Yellow Bell Pepper : 1 each, deseeded and chopped
Jalapenos(or any chillies) : 1, desseded and finely chopped
Red Onion : 1, finely sliced
Juice of 1 lime
Olive oil : 1 tsp.
Salt to taste
 How To :
  • In a big bowl, add all ingredients one by one and give everything a good stir.
  • Serve Immediately, otherwise mangoes will be soft and mushy.

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